Technologies are developing rapidly, and with them we are all starting to connect new tools to our everyday digital life.

After all, everyone wants to have time to do more, record, save information, later it is easy to return to it. Notes are an integral part of this process. For example, I use the Notes application that comes with my Mac, but few people know where to find a file in which notes are saved in Finder. In this article, we will fix it very quickly.

Where Notes Data is Stored Locally on Mac?

Everything is very simple path to where Notes are stored locally on the Mac is as follows.

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Use Command + Shift + G (Go to Folder) and type the string below:

~/Library/Group Containers/

Do the same for iCloud Notes, you may look at the following location:


In this folders you can find the file:


This is exactly what we need!

Note: Please note that the file is encrypted and you cannot open it without a password from Note App.

Stikies App Files Location

With this application, everything is also simple:

Press Command + Shift + G (Go to Folder) and type the string below:


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