The Dock toolbar is configured so as not to “clutter” itself with rarely used programs. If you open the application from the folder of the same name in macOS or Launchpad, and it was not previously docked in the Dock, it will disappear from the panel after closing. This is not always convenient – sometimes we need the program to remain in the Dock. By abusing this, you can turn the Dock into a landfill. In this article I will show how to make the Dock as minimal as possible. How to achieve this? Read on.

Remove Application Icon from Dock

Dock is a toolbar that contains app icons, files or folders. The Dock also displays the icons of all running programs; if the app does not close (for example, when it freezes), the icon “gets stuck” in the Dock. There are some ways you can fix this and other issues that cause Doc to malfunction.

To remove icons, just close all applications, and then “pull” the ones that aren’t on the desktop until the “Remove” text appears.

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How to Remove Apps?

Uninstalling applications on a Mac is not such an obvious process as it seems at first glance. And all because in macOS, unlike iOS, it is possible to install software not only from the virtual App Store, but also programs downloaded from the websites of the developers themselves.

We do next:

  • Launch the Launchpad app. Usually its icon (with the image of a rocket) is in the Dock-panel;
  • After launching Launchpad, a screen with application icons similar to iOS will appear on the computer monitor;
  • To switch to the application removal mode, press and hold for 2-3 seconds any icon (as in iOS), after which the icons will begin to sway, and a cross will appear in the left corner of some of them;
  • Click on the cross and Delete to uninstall the application.
How to Remove Icons from Mac Dock?

Note: Not all applications are subject to such simple removal, as a rule, in this way, you can only remove native applications for the poppy. My old article tells what to do if the application is third-party and requires other actions to be uninstalled.

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