35 Main Features of New iOS 13 That You Need to Know

What are the Dates of Releases and What’s New?

This year’s launch of the new iOS 13 isn’t an exception. While the company is testing how it works by releasing a beta version, Apple fans are already excited to learn what it holds for them. What innovations and features will arrive along? In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about the upcoming iOS version, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

Recently, on June 3, during the Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the company has announced an official launch of the first beta version of iOS 13 and gave the first insight into its features and key highlights. The first version is meant for the company’s developers. It is just the first draft of the new operating system, so during the following month paid specialists are going to test it in order to define the possible drawbacks and fix them before the public beta can be released. In general, things seem to be much different and way more complicated this year. The developers have already figured out that installing a new iOS beta actually requires a device that’s running on Xcode or macOS 10.15. Another important news is that the operating system for iPads is now going to be different. It’ll be called iPadOS. Although it is going to have some features from the new iOS 13, there will be some that are not available on iPhones.

When will the updated be introduced to the public? Currently, there is no specific date scheduled. However, the company promises its fans to make iOS 13 beta available for adventurous testers somewhere in July. In a matter of fact, it is recommended to wait until the official launch of the final version of OS, since beta versions are usually quite rough, with limited functionality, and may come with a whole bunch of drawbacks. However, if you don’t think you can wait too long to explore it, you may still give it a try after the public beta is released.

The launch of the final beta version is currently planned for early September. As a rule, the final beta is released about a week before the official launch. This is needed to give testers and developers a last chance to see how it works. It is also meant for the developers of applications to give them a bit of time to explore the new OS and adapt to it.

Finally, in the mid-September this year, all Apple fans will see an official release of the new OS version in its final and stable form. The launch is assumed to follow the presentation of the new iPhones. However, there is not much information about this event yet.

So, now you have a general idea of the releases’ schedule. Now, what about the compatibility of a new iOS? Every new OS version released by Apple cuts down on certain old devices, and this time won’t be an exception. Even some of the devices that were compatible with the previous iOS won’t support a new one. These devices start from iPhone 6 and lower. Thus, only owners of iPads Mini 4, Air 2, or iPhones 6S Plus and later models will be able to install a new iOS. What about iPods? In fact, only devices of the seventh generation will support an update.

The Main Features of a New Update

Finally, we have moved to the most exciting and thrilling part of this matter! So, what new highlights will users see in a new iOS version?

As always, Apple’s developers seem to do a large job on improving the system and spicing it up with new handy features. In iOS 13, we expect to have many major updates, and all of them sound pretty fun! In this section of our article, we are going to provide you the full list of features expected to arrive along with the update. 

Let’s dive in!


Let’s start with the basics. The design of menus and screens pretty much remains the same as it used to be in the previous iOS. As always, the new update introduces a few new wallpapers, but that’s not something we should really focus on.

Now, the most significant change in the design is something most Apple fans were waiting for – Dark and Light modes will be now available not only on your Mac devices but also on iPhones and iPads! Switching to the dark mode will make all your apps, menus, and screens change to the grey and black color scheme, and we have to admit that it looks fantastic! Moreover, this is a convenient feature that makes using your devices at night more comfortable and safer for your eyes. Finally, there is one more benefit of this innovation – devices with OLED displays will actually have longer battery life with the dark mode. This is due to the fact that screens of this type ‘turn off’ pixels when rendering blacks, which means that the system will use less energy!

How to use this feature? You can set this theme for all-time use, schedule the time when it will turn on automatically, and you can easily switch between modes right from the Control Center.

Overall Performance

Now, let’s get to some vital stats! We assume that Apple has finally recognized that its customers tend to hold onto their devices for longer, which is why they have done everything possible to enhance the performance. According to the company’s statements, devices updated to the new iOS 13 will become much more responsive, fast, and lasting.

The claimed stats are the following:

  • Applications – apps designed for iOS 13 will come in a smaller size, which will save up some space on your devices and speed up the download, installation, and update processes. In addition, the company promises that apps will launch twice as fast as they used to in a previous version.
  • Face ID – Apple claims that this feature will work even better and faster with the update. They promise 30% faster unlock.
  • Overall performance – in general, the company promises that the new OS will make your devices work twice as fast as they used to.
  • Battery life – this year, Apple seems to be working really hard on this matter. It is assumed that updated devices will last much longer. Moreover, the developers are looking to slow down the battery aging, by introducing a new smart feature that studies each user’s charging habits and applies this knowledge to optimize the time a device spends fully charged.

These stats are quite impressive, so we are looking forward to seeing how they work!


This time, even Siri is undergoing some major changes. Thus, with the launch of iOS 13, Apple also introduces a new Siri voice, empowered by a high-end neural text to speech technology.

A new voice is supposed to make Siri sound much more natural than it has ever been! Soon, it will be able to read complex and long phrases without messing up the pronunciation and sounding too robotic. We bet that many of you have been waiting for such an update for years, and so did we!

However, this is not the only change we are about to see. One feature that we really loved is that Siri will now perform even more tasks and, namely, Apple’s virtual assistant will be able to read incoming messages out loud. This is an extremely handy feature for those who own AirPods. Finally, in general, Siri’s response is supposed to be faster than it used to be, which is also a nice bonus.

If you are curious about how your virtual assistant is going to sound, you can visit the company’s official website and listen to the sample! We’ve already heard it, and it sounds pretty legit.

One more significant change in the way users can interact with Siri is that it will be able to recognize different voices on HomePod. This feature will make users’ experiences within one family or home environment much more personalized and smart!


Since we’ve already mentioned one of the major changes in the way Apple’s HomePod works, let’s see what else it holds for us with the new iOS. Here are some fun and handy features:

  • Live Radio – with the new OS, HomePod supports 100,000 stations from all across the globe and can play them in a live mode.
  • Voice recognition – we’ve already told how Siri will be able to recognize the voices of all family members. This feature is especially handy when you use them in a pair with very personalized apps. For example, asking Siri to tell what events you have planned in the calendar will now bring up the information relevant specifically for you. It also works great with Apple Music – with the help of voice recognition, HomePod will pick selections of music based on each family member’s history and preferences.
  • Simple transfer of songs – if you have ever used HomePod before, you will know that transferring music from an iPhone to the speaker was a bit tricky and users couldn’t do that without Siri’s assistance. Now, it will be much simpler and faster. Instead of asking Siri to transfer your files, all you need to do is to hold a device closer to the speaker, and it will automatically transfer your songs!

Simple Sign in

We know how many users feel irritated because of the necessity to enter their emails and passwords manually each time they are trying to log in to a specific website. This year, Apple has paid due attention to this matter and introduced us to a new feature called Sign-in with Apple.

How is it good? Well, first of all, it saves lots of our time. No longer users will need to type their passwords and emails to log in to a website or app. Thus, it is very convenient and simple.

Also, this feature takes users’ safety and privacy to a completely new level! How often do you feel like you don’t want to pass your personal email to a website or app developer? That’s no longer an issue! If you don’t want to share your details, this feature will create a unique random address for you, so your data will remain private!


In the new iOS, there are quite a few changes in the way you can use your camera. First of all, we will see a brand new gallery feature. Now, it will have a new tab that stores users’ best pictures divided by days, months, and years. In addition, the company has introduced more pinch controls for simpler zoom in and out in the gallery.

As for the camera itself, there are some neat new features for the Portrait Mode. One of them is a brand new effect called High-Key Mono that creates outstanding shots in a monochromatic color. Besides, there will be more controls allowing users to adjust the intensity of light, which is something many users were looking forward.

Finally, with the new OS, Apple introduces new editing opportunities. Users will have access to a more significant number of filters and advanced controls. And, what is even more exciting, most of these tools will also be available for videos. Thus, Apple has finally advanced the video editing capability of its devices!

Control Center

We wouldn’t argue with the fact that iOS 12 has made Control Center much more convenient and smart. However, the new update is going to surprise users with a few extra features!

There is one huge change in the way Control Center will work on iOS 13 – now, you will be able to preview the lists of available Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices right from the control tab! Moreover, users will be able to connect to different networks and pair their iPhones with different devices from the same tab. This is something we’ve been waiting for too long!

QuickPath Keyboard

Now, a new type of keyboard will also be available apart from a default QuickType one. The new keyboard allows users to type with a swipe motion. In other words, users will be able to slide across the keyboard while typing something. Currently, this feature is available for only a limited set of languages. However, we expect Apple to expand this list over some time.


Of all default applications built in your Apple devices, Reminders seems to undergo the biggest changes in the iOS 13. Now, it will be faster and simpler to create new reminders. Also, the app will be more organized and will support handy shortcuts.

One thing we really liked is a possibility to use Siri for creating new reminders on the go. This is much faster and easier than ever!

Also, Apple offers a better organization of your reminders. It will group them into different categories, including All, Today, Scheduled and Flagged. This will make managing your tasks even simpler. Besides, with the help of a Quick Toolbar and shortcuts, users can add locations, flags, time, dates, and scanned documents to their reminders faster and easier.

Game Controller Support

All gamers out there will love that iOS 13 features game controller support for PS4 and Xbox One. This is one of those features many of us were waiting for, so now we can’t wait to test how it actually works!


We bet that most of you are composing hundreds of email each week. Thus, you should be excited to learn that Apple’s Mail application now gives users a possibility to create properly formatted emails right in the app.

Now, we will have much more tools to make each letter we send personalized. There is a possibility to add bulleted and numbered lists, adjust the alignment of the text, change fonts, colors, and styles, as well as outdent and indent your texts.

These changes are all great. However, there is just one more thing many of us are hoping to find in the new iOS – it is a possibility to place a hyperlink into an email instead of just putting a long link.


The way we used and seen Apple’s Maps is also about to change with the release of iOS 13.

It comes in a much better design, with more details, and, generally, more realistic look. Also, there is a new feature that allows users to explore different destinations with a fun 3D 36-degree view mode. Another nice change is an improved saved locations feature, that is now much easier to navigate.

Of course, Apple’s built-in Map still falls far behind more advanced applications like Google Maps that most users prefer. However, it is getting there!


There are going to be new personalized masks for tailoring Memojis to your needs. Some of the new items are headwear, makeup, hairstyles, piercing, and much more!

“Find My” App

In the new iOS version, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends will be combined into a single app that is faster, more convenient, and easier to use.

Silence Unknown Calls

Silence Unknown Calls is a pretty smart feature – each time you receive an incoming call, Siri scans your Messages, Mail, and Contacts to define whether the caller is someone you have been contacting with. If the caller is unknown, his call is automatically transferred to voicemail.


In the new update, Apple has introduced a brand new CarPlay dashboard. Apart from showing the map itself, it will also include a music widget and total time left to reach your destination. In addition, the developers have added a few handy voice controls. For example, drivers can ask Siri to remind them of the planned events scheduled in the Calendar app. Besides, it will be possible to open your garage with the voice.

Even More Features

We have already highlighted some of the most expected and exciting updates that come along with the new iOS. However, even that is not all!

Apart from all the features mentioned above, Apple also introduces a few smaller but not less important changes:

  • Share – sharing your files becomes even easier and smarter! Now, devices will make good suggestions on which apps you might want to use to share a specific file and who you might want to share it with.
  • Arcade – Apple Arcade is a cool service for a game subscription that allows users to choose from over a hundred top-notch games that come with excellent designs and plots!
  • Notes – one more thing Apple has improved is its Notes app. Developers have integrated a convenient gallery view and smart search to help users navigate through their notes faster and easier. One more update is a checklist feature and convenient shared folders that allow users to stay more productive and collaborate with each other.
  • Font management – now, creating your documents becomes more fun and simple. Apple has added a possibility to adjust the fonts in your documents. The fonts can be downloaded from the App Store.
  • A better start page in Safari browser – with the new iOS, surfing the Web is more convenient and pleasant. Safari’s new start page now features some handy prompts like websites that you often visit, favorites, and Siri suggestions.
  • ARKit 3 – if you are a big fan of AR applications, you will love the new features that come with iOS 13! Now, it is possible to use people’s poses and movement, as well as locate AR objects behind or in front of people.
  • Health app – it becomes smarter, simpler, and more personalized. With iOS 13, accessing your information is faster and simpler. Besides, Apple has introduced a convenient cycle tracking to help women monitor their menstrual cycles and get insight into their overall health.
  • Voice control – there are even more voice commands and controls than ever! Now, users can dictate and edit their text just with a voice.
  • Files app – it will be possible to access, organize, and manage different files stored on external servers or drives right from the Files application on your device!

iOS 13 is reconcilable with these devices.

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch (7th generation)

Is It Important to Update Your Devices?

In a matter of fact, giving an answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Of course, the company always encourages its users to install all updates as soon as they arrive to enhance the work of their devices. However, does it always work well for everyone? Let’s try to figure this out!

First, let’s define what is update itself? In simple words, all updates are a sort of add-ons to iOS-firmware and application software. These add-ons are designed to eliminate the previous bugs or drawbacks, empower the system, and extend its functionality by providing some brand new features. As a rule, new features are aimed at increasing privacy and security, preventing or fixing failures, and improving the performance of both programs and the software itself.

If you are hesitating whether you need to update your devices or not, here are a few pros to keep in mind:

  • It satisfies your curiosity – well, it is always fun to see how the performance of your devices will change with a new update and what new opportunities it brings.
  • Faster performance – in most cases, updating a tablet or phone to the newest iOS makes its performance faster. The system starts working better, which is a big advantage.
  • Responsiveness – since the performance of a device increases, it also becomes much more responsive and high-end.
  • Security – without a doubt, every new OS version empowers users’ security and privacy. Data stored on the devices is protected better, while new safety features make your experience even more private.
  • Access to the full functionality – last but not least important point is broader functionality. Every update introduces new and exciting features, so it would be a pity to miss them out!

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons for updating your devices. However, does it always work well? Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Sometimes, the situation is completely opposite. Unfortunately, instead of improving the performance and responsiveness of your devices, new updates can actually make it much worse. In this case, the system’s performance drops, apps become unresponsive, and it feels like all the new features react to user’s commands inadequately.

Why does this happen? As a rule, there are two main reasons behind that:

  • The device is too old – of course, all Apple’s updates are meant for a whole range of devices (as a rule, it is compatible with the devices released four years ago and later). However, this doesn’t at all mean that the oldest and the newest models of iPhones will perform similarly on the new OS. Most often, old devices are simply not designed for the load that is assumed by the new iOS. Thus, the system starts working for wear, using its power to the maximum – here you have a drop of performance and responsiveness.
  • The device is running short on memory – another reason for improper work of an updated device is a lack of memory. The problem is that each update weights a lot. Thus, is there is not much space left after the installation, the system overloads and starts acting weirdly.

These drawbacks are quite significant. However, don’t let them scare you off from receiving a better experience! After all, as long as you have a properly working and relatively new device, you should be on the safe side!

iPadOS Changes the Way You Interacted With Your Tablet

Well, this is something many people were waiting for, and it finally happened – iPads will now have a different operating system from iPhones!

What does this mean for a regular user? First of all, we can expect our devices to work much faster and show better responsiveness. The appearance of the home screen is going to be different, as now, users will be able to set different home screen widgets. This is one of a few features that will be available only on iPads. At least at first.

Now, let’s look at some of the key updates that we will have on our iPads:

  • New gestures for simpler use – Apple is supposed to introduce convenient new gestures for undo, copy, and paste.
  • Slide Over – this feature will allow users to have several applications running simultaneously, cycle through them with ease, and preview all apps with a simple swipe gesture.
  • Floating keyboard – now it will be possible to have a smaller keyboard that can float anywhere on the screen and QuickPath keyboard will also be introduced on iPads.
  • App Expose – this feature offers a convenient overview mode that lets you see all the open space you have.
  • Improved Split View – with the new OS, users will have a possibility to open one app on both sides of their device’s screen.

These are just a few key updates that we are expecting with the launch of iPadOS, but there is much more to it!

Final Words

As was mentioned at the beginning of our article, the official release of the final version of iOS 13 is still in a quite distant future. However, only in a month, the world will have access to a more stable public beta OS!

Currently, developers who have tested the first beta claim that it is very stable and properly functioning as for the very first draft. However, currently it is a bit hard to install, and it is still unpredictable, which is why we recommend all Apple fans to wait at least until the public beta is launched!

By the way, it is also expected that more features and highlights of iOS 13 will be revealed in the public beta version, so we are still waiting for exciting updates and can’t wait to test the new iOS and iPadOS!