In the midst of twenty first century, holding an iPhone in your hand has become the new fashion. It’s more of a trend to have the latest apple product. However, some people find it difficult to use the apple products such as, iPhone, iPad and iPod, especially when a problem or error arises. Since the legit way to listen to music on Apple products is through ITunes, sometimes it might be difficult to do so. 

At times, iPhone, iPad and iPod do not sync with the iTunes, and this causes utter frustration and anger. The user literally wants to throw his device from a 20th floor of the building because he wants to connect it to the Mac or PC but it’s not happening.  However, you need not to worry, iPhone not syncing with the iTunes on windows or Mac is a problem, but every problem comes with its solutions. 

Problems and Solutions to sync the iTunes with iPhone, iTunes and iPod on Mac or Windows.

Data is synced by Cloud

When the data such as your photos, videos, contacts and etc. is syncing with the cloud, at that time it won’t sync with the iTunes. In order to sync with iTunes, you need to go into Apple ID settings open Cloud settings and turn of syncing of photos, calendars and etc. 

The iTunes or software not updated

Updates bring about new changes in the iTunes and software and if they are not updated, bugs might be there which hinder in the syncing of iTunes. Make sure to update your iTunes and software whenever an updates is released. This will probably solve half of your issues. To update the iTunes, first of all click help on the menu bar on windows then click check for updates, if there are any updates available, install them. Once the update has been installed, restart your PC. The iTunes will be updated and the changes will be made to your computer. 

USB Port and cable

The USB port or cable you are using might have been broken down or worn out. Clean your USB ports and cables every now and then as dust particles might have stuck in it. Try with a different cable and see if it works well now. 

Restart your device

Once you have updated your software and changed the cable, try rebooting your device. In order to do so, hold down the power and volume down button until the device shuts down and restarts itself. This is known as force reboot and it is proven to be effective. 

The authorization problem

IPhone is very selective when it comes to authorization. Check if your computer is authorized with iPhone or not? If the synced button is greyed out, this gives a hint that your computer needs to be authorized with iTunes first. When you will authorize it, this means that you are giving it the privilege to access your apps, files, gallery, contacts, books, music and etc. 

The window’s drivers

In case you have updated your windows recently, your drivers might be out of date and this is the reason why your iPhone is not syncing with the iTunes. In order to sync it, update the drivers. Go to the device manager on your computer, and then to portable devices (it is right under network adapters) Next right click apple iPhone and click update drivers. Browse your drivers from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. After carrying out this process, you will be able to locate your iPhone and can successfully sync your iPhone with iTunes. 

Error -54

The error -54 is when your iPhone does not sync with iTunes and it shows a message “unknown error -54”. This occurs when your files are stored in different folders on your mac/windows computer. Consolidate or move your files and one place and then try syncing again. Hopefully this will solve your problem. 

So these were the some solutions to the problems that might have been creating issues when syncing to the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Apply these solutions and we hope your issue gets fixed and you can carry on enjoying your music, movies and other files on your computer.

Good luck fixing! 


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