Mac computers are known for their stability, so their owners are much less likely to experience crashes and system freezes. However, sometimes this, after all, happens with Apple computers. This is usually caused by an application that crashes or freezes.

To restore work, sometimes it is enough to forcefully close the program and start again. However, in rare cases, the Mac freezes completely and macOS does not respond to any command. The computer freezes until the user intervenes and reboots the system.

How to Force Restart MacBook Air?

With the release of the updated MacBook in 2016, Apple stripped the laptop of its familiar physical power button. In new MacBook Air In its place is now the Touch ID sensor:

  • You can turn off the laptop by holding the Touch ID for a few seconds;
  • To turn on the laptop again, you must close and open the cover again.

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How to Restart MacBook Pro?

If you have a MacBook Pro with TouchBar, then the option to force a reboot of the MacBook Air described above is suitable for you. If the computer’s power button is located on the keyboard of Apple laptops, to reboot:

  • Press and hold the power button until the MacBook turns off completely (this may take about five seconds);
  • Wait a few seconds and turn on the computer again.


They suggest using this method only as a last resort, when nothing helps. It is highly recommended not to disconnect the all-in-one from the power supply or leave the laptop until the battery is completely discharged.

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