A good way of separating your personal and work-related stuff is by having multiple accounts, each specific to your requirements. Now, Google as a service has many ways from where you can log in; it even has a feature that allows for the sign up of multiple accounts but the problem arises when we have to figure out which one is the default. This issue can be problematic, whether you are a user who has more than one Gmail accounts or has a computer that is used by multiple users, such as a family computer that is being used by siblings who have their individual Gmail accounts.

While there may not be a readily available “one-click” solution to it, there is a way we can avoid this nuisance.

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How to Set Up a Default Google Account

Setting up an account to default from multiples is a simple process. It may seem difficult initially but once you follow the steps below, it will become fairly easy.

  • Access a Google Service – First, you need to visit a place that uses your Google account. It can be a site like Gmail, Google or YouTube, if you are using an Android phone then you can also use the Gmail, Chrome or YouTube application and the last way is a feature on the browser Google Chrome;
  • Cookies Need to be Saved – Make sure that you do not access your account from a private window such as the “incognito mode” on Chrome. Some programs can also cause interference for cookies, such as cache cleaners, so make sure you take care of them.
  • Log Out from all of Your Accounts – Use any Google service and click your profile icon to log out from all of your accounts, make sure you do it for all of them. The best thing about Gmail is that you can sign out from anywhere or any device.
  • Login with the Desired Account – After you are done signing out, the first account that you will log in with on a Google service will be set as your default. This initial sign up will dictate which account is the default. If you want to switch from defaults you have to repeat step 3 and do 4.
  • Add the Rest – Now that your default account is set up, you can go to the profile icon on Google.com or Gmail and add as many accounts as you like via “Add Account” option. These will come after the default account is set up, that being the first login after logging everything out.

You can access these accounts from the “Accounts Menu” from your profile. This will be given after you click the icon on the top right corner of any Google service like Gmail or the search engine website itself. However, do not be alarmed if any service asks from a little bit of user input or prompts with an authentication alert; your accounts are safe and that is just Google enforcing its security for the welfare of their customers. 

There is speculation that in the future Google might add an option to “Set this as Default” for a specific account. We are already seeing its implementation in the profile manager on Chrome regardless of it being experimental.

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