After Apple released the macOS 10.14 Mojave operating system with night mode, developers began adding dark themes to their applications. So the dark mode got Telegram, Viber, Google Chrome and WhatsApp. The dark mode has already been received by Facebook Messenger, the line for the main applications of which is preparing a dark theme for Facebook.

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But looking ahead, I want to share with you a trick that allows you to make the web version of Facebook in dark mode right now.

Chrome Dark Mode

Chrome already has several versions of a dark theme, but it does not change the appearance of sites – they remain white. Of course, there are enough extensions that correct this annoying flaw, but Google decided to independently add the function of “blackening” pages in the browser:

  • In order to try it, you need to launch Google Chrome Browser;
  • After that, enter the chrome command in its address bar:
  • Or type in addres bar – chrome://flags/, then in search bar “dark”;
  • We ned “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” section, and now you can choose one of the options for the dark mode. In my opinion, the “Enable selective inversion of non-image elements” mode, that is will look optimal;
  • Relaunch Chrome browser.


If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, then switching it to Black mode will be an obvious salvation for your eyes. In general, the changes affect all sites, not only facebook and reading at night significantly reduces the load on your grain.

If you know other secrets, you can share them in the comments!


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