Google Chrome browser can save logins and passwords and that you use when logging in. This is a handy feature, but there are situations when you need to get rid of stored data. This can be done not in the most obvious, but very simple ways.

Methods for deleting data used in form auto-completion are not outstanding method. This feature is provided by the developers and is available in the settings. But still you might not know about it. In this article we see how to remove autofill chrome suggestions and other personal data.

Complete Removal

In this case Google Chrome browser remove next autofill parameters:

  • Remove autofill Chrome URLs;
  • Remove a Websites with autofill;
  • Remove credit card from Chrome autofill;
  • Chrome remove autofill entry;
  • Etc.

Please make sure that by deleting all data from the browser you remember all logins and passwords that may be useful to you in the future. Let’s start:

  • Open the Google Chrome “Settings” or type chrome://settings in search string;
  • In the dialog box that opens, click on “Clear browsing data”;
  • Select the “Advanced” option;
  • Next, put a tick in front of the “data you want to delete”, in our case we concentrate on “Autofill data”, but you can choose them on your opinion;
  • You can delete data that appeared in the last hour, day, week, month, and all the time.

Selective deletion

If you want to get rid of only some data, you can do it too. Open the “Settings” menu, select “Show advanced settings” and find the “Passwords and forms” section there.

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Opposite of the line “Suggest to save passwords using Google Smart Lock” click on the “Configure” button. Select from the list that appears the resources on which you want to remove the auto-complete function. To do this, click the cross on the right side of the line.

Chrome Flags

It turns out that Google Chrome browser contains a huge number of options that you will not find in the usual settings section. They are hidden on a special chrome://flags service page.

As a rule, these are experimental features of Chrome browser for a advanced users and could be harmful for your browser data with neglect. However, among them there are several that may well interest readers.

To access the settings listed below:

  • Enter chrome://flags in the address bar of your browser and press “Enter”;
  • On the page that opens, you will see a rather large list of various parameters (the meaning of which is not so easy to understand even in spite of the comments available);
  • In “Search” type “autofill” and press “Enter”;
  • Let us dwell on the most interesting of those that we found in the most recent Chrome.
  • Choose “Disabled” and “Relaunch Now” at the bottom;
  • Voila!

Note: Also, in Chrome Flags directory you can experiment with different combinations of parameters, which in some cases can increase the performance of the Chrome browser as a whole several times, while being careful.


In such simple ways, you can erase data from any computer where you had the imprudence to add your data to the browser database.

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