Yesterday, on WWDC-19, Apple officially announced the next version of mobile iOS. You can get new iOS version right now if your Apple ID has developer permissions and beta testing status. But if you don’t, there is no reason to disappointed.

Right now you can download default wallpapers on any device that are contained in the first beta version of iOS 13. Many people are concerned mainly with new update functions, but there are also those for whom the visual component of the system plays an important role.

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Many have already installed the first beta version of iOS 13 on their devices, but not everyone is willing to take the risk and decided to wait for the official release. If you want to at least enjoy the new standard wallpaper from Apple, I will help you with this.

Default Wallpaper from iOS 13


This wallpaper can be installed on any device and at least imagine how it will look like iOS 13. No more iPhone wallpapers of the mountains, they still add only abstract wallpapers. Perhaps even more will appear by the final release of the wallpaper.

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