Voice mail is an important feature to have on your phone. This is a system for recording incoming or outgoing calls with a digital recording system. This system makes phone technology much smarter to make communication between parties and when they are not available attend calls in real time.

Apple, being one of the largest manufacturing companies in the mobile world, offers voice mail for their users under their “Phone” tab. The user can set up this voicemail service with their own passwords. You all need to know that just like phone memory, you can reach your voicemail memory limit too. Now at this point, we would feel the need to know how to delete voice messages from the iPhone, since the message window will not record any future messages that may be important to you.

Thus, in this article today, we will learn how to delete voicemail on the iPhone, as well as how to delete voice messages from the iPhone completely.

How to Delete Voicemail on iPhone

In this article I will describe in detail, step by step, how to delete voice messages from the iPhone.

Follow the steps below to delete your voice messages easily:

  • Click on the Phone icon, and then click on the Voicemail icon in the lower right corner to go to the Voicemail menu;
  • Now, find the voicemail you want to delete;
  • Click on this voicemail and you can find an option to remove it. In addition, you can scroll from right to left to access the “Delete” option.

How to Clear Deleted Voicemails on iPhone

As discussed earlier, deleted voice messages are not deleted exactly on iPhones. They are only hidden from the Inbox list, but remain on the internal interface until you clear them completely.

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These deleted voice messages are hidden on the “Deleted Messages” tab and must be manually cleared to permanently remove voice mail. It works like a “trash” or “junk” on your PC or Mac.

Check out the step by step guide on how to remove voicemail from your iPhone:

  • First, go to the “Phone” icon and click on it;
  • Now go to the “Voicemail” icon in the lower right;
  • Now, if you have already deleted voicemail, you should find the option “Deleted Messages” and click on it;
  • Then click on the “Clear All” option to clear the “Deleted Messages” folder.


This process will successfully delete all your already deleted voice messages in one go. Now, after this process, there will be no trace of deleted voicemail messages on your iPhone.

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