The Flash platform is very widespread in the field of creating interactive applications. This can be flash-cartoons, games, videos, web-sites created in whole or in part using this technology.

In this article I will tell you how to run & view SWF files on your Mac and more.

Play SWF Files

SWF is a file format for flash animation, vector graphics, video and audio on the Internet. The image saved in this format is scaled without visible distortion, the video is small, the video file is faster downloaded and played.

How to Open SWF Files?

You can open SWF files with Adobe Flash Player or any web browser that supports Flash. To play Flash applications with browsers, sometimes you need to install the Adobe Flash plug-in (if it is not included in the installation package).

How to Play SWF Files?

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The Shockwave Flash plugin is a software module that implements the function of Adobe Shockwave, a multimedia software platform that includes the Shockwave Player and Adobe Director content creation tools, in browsers.

How to Open SWF Files on Mac?

I often use three main methods for playing a SWF file:

About SWF

The scope of use of SWF is different, it can be games, websites, CD presentations, banners and just cartoons. When creating software, you can use media, sound and graphic files, you can create interactive interfaces and full-fledged web applications using PHP and XML.

How to Play SWF Files?

The format was originally developed in 1995 by the American company FutureWave Software. The program was called FutureSplash Animator, and the format had the extension SPL.


Despite the fact that Flash is an outdated technology and difficult to meet, it still sometimes becomes necessary to play SWF, FLP, SPL files, etc.

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