SmartyKit will soon launch a kit for Apple history buffs and kids learning electronics. The SmartyKit includes all the components necessary for self-assembly of an Apple I computer. In particular, it is a MOS 6502 processor operating at a frequency of 1 MHz and a ROM chip with a copy of the Monitor operating system written by Steve Wozniak.

Apple Corporate Replica

For assembly, a motherboard that does not require soldering is used. According to SmartyKit, you can assemble a computer “in a couple of days off”.

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The video signal is output to the composite output, so an adapter is needed to connect to a modern TV or monitor. There is a PS / 2 port for connecting the keyboard, which is a departure from the original, but makes it possible to use modern keyboards through an adapter for USB.

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The operating system has two built-in applications, one of which allows you to program in BASIC, and the other displays an image of the face of Apple founder Steve Wozniak made of ASCII characters. Unfortunately, there is no way to connect the drive to add more applications.


Actually, the main goal of this kit is its assembly and familiarization with the principles of work, and not use as a computer. The start date for the delivery of the kit has not yet been determined. It costs about 100 dollars.

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