You, probably, have already managed to see that you can now in iPhone notes we can drawing. This expands the possibilities of the program and allows using it not only for text entries, but also for sketches. In this article we will analyze in detail this useful function.

How to Draw on iPhone?

To draw on iPhone, click on the corresponding button looks like “pen in a circle”. Done! Now we can go directly to the drawing.

How to Draw in Notes App on iPhone or iPad?

On the right, next to the Share menu, there is an overturning tool for sharing your drawing notes in social media.


At the bottom are drawing tools and a palette. Let us examine each of them in order.

The first tool looks like a capillary pen with a relatively thin, clear contour. It is best suited for drawing shapes with clear boundaries.

How to Draw in Notes App on iPhone or iPad?

The second tool is a regular marker. It has a wide loop and a fuzzy contour, thanks to which it is perfect for drawing objects that do not require detailing, as well as for painting areas.

How to Draw in Notes App on iPhone or iPad?

The third tool is a pencil. By properties, it is very similar to the most common pencil – clear and very thin lines. It is perfect for drawing small objects, for hatching and drawing.

How to Draw in Notes App on iPhone or iPad?

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The ruler will help you draw a perfect straight line with any tool. To change the position of the ruler, simply click on it and drag it around the screen. The angle is governed by a pinch gesture.

There’s nothing much to say about the eraser – it just removes the fragments from the sketches.

The palette is presented in 22 colors, 8 of which are shades of gray from white to black. Unfortunately, in the Notes you cannot create such a palette as in the same Paper (where it works like a real one), but these colors will be enough for most users.

How to Draw in Notes App on iPhone or iPad?

Top panel

On the left, next to the “Done” button, there is an opportunity to move to different stages of creating a picture using the “forward” and “backward” buttons.

How to Draw in Notes App on iPhone or iPad?


Of course, it is impossible to call a drawing in the Notes a full-fledged tool for serious drawing tasks. However, its capabilities will be more than enough to create simple sketches, and this is exactly what ordinary people will use.

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