Often when surfing the Internet on the iPad, you need to save an interesting article or link for later return to it. I have already talked about how to close all tabs automatically, however, if you are going to use the pages regularly to view them, then for these purposes there is a better solution – bookmarks. In this article, I’ll show you how to bookmark all open tabs on your iPad at once.

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How to Bookmark Loved Tabs Easy Way on iPad?

In fact, this trick is also suitable for the Safari browser in iOS 13. If you decide to save bookmarks in your iPhone, then there should not be a problem. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Safari on the iPhone or iPad;
  • Tap and hold on the bookmark icon in Safari browser;
How to Bookmark Open Tabs in Safari on iPad?
  • Choose “Add Bookmarks for some Tabs” button;
  • Choose a location;
  • Press “Save”;
  • Done!


Apple can only be thanked for the solid set of new options that have appeared in the new browser panel. These functions were brought closer to the user, and did not remain hidden in the back of the settings menu. In iPadOS and iOS 13, the emphasis is not on bright functions, but on functional ones.

After all, these operating systems are increasingly taken seriously as full-fledged computer systems, along with macOS. This is the right trend of development that will appeal to everyone.

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