When the tablet goes around the hands of family members during the day, this is normal, but the fact that one of them may inadvertently read a message that was not intended for him or her is not. It’s not good to stick your nose in other people’s business correspondence, and even more so in each other’s iMessages. If we are talking about the iMessage service, then there is a very simple way to solve the problem, depending on the specifics of the situation using a particular iPad.

Deactivate iMessage on iPad

Simple, effective, but so radical that it is not suitable for everyone – if you want to correspond through a common family tablet, this method is clearly not suitable. However, in a situation where the gadget lying on the couch and the one that lies on the desk in the office are purchased for different purposes, everything is greatly simplified:

  • Go to iOS Settings;
  • We find the “Messages” tab and disactivate cell number or email.
How to Stop Text Messages going to iPad?

Note: There will be a need – everything can be returned back. Just do the same and enable iMessages.

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Apple has a great service that allows you to exchange free messages between users of the company. Its essence is that it uses the Internet to send messages and the mobile operator’s fee is not charged. Most often it saves you money. It would seem like a wonderful service, but sometimes people need to give it up and do it is not easy in all cases.

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