It still happened. Apple added a dark interface theme to iPadOS and iOS 13, at the same time adapting all its applications to it. The company has been tearfully asked about this for years, the number of requests for this feature on the Internet can not be counted. For a long time using this function on my iPad, I would like to share with you some convenient things related to the dark theme for the iPad.

Main Tricks with Dark Theme for iPad

99% Dark Theme

First of all, the dark theme in iPadOS is not only the interface. A dark theme is everywhere! Starting from the Settings application and various menus, ending with 99% of standard applications. Moreover, most third-party developers have previously adapted their applications for Apple’s innovation. Take a look at the settings of the application interface, for sure there is a slider for switching to dark mode.

Set the Schedule

A dark theme is activated either in the settings or in the “Control Center” when clamped on the brightness slider. It’s very convenient to turn on the mode through the “Control Center” – two touches and you’re done.

How to Turn On Black Theme on iPad?

But it’s much more convenient to set up a work schedule. You can do this in the menu Settings -> Display and brightness -> Options.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Custom by time “from and to”;
  • Or enable the activation of a dark theme from dusk to dawn. Then the iPhone itself, given your location, will determine when the sunset will turn on a dark theme at this minute.

Dynamic Wallpapers

IPadOS has eight standard wallpapers that are paired – a background for a light theme and a background for a dark theme. By the way, all wallpapers are available for download in high quality at this link.

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If one of these images is installed as wallpaper on the iPhone, then when you activate a dark or light theme, the image of the main screen will automatically change. At the same time, pleasant animation is reproduced.

How to Turn On Black Theme on iPad?


Many users feared that due to the presence of a dark theme, the devices would start to freeze and slow down. In other words, the dark theme will only bring the worst, but concerns about this were in vain. The dark theme works great, it looks appropriate and stylish everywhere.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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