By default, the iPad screen rotates when you change the position of the device – i.e. if you keep it in landscape orientation, then the screen should be in landscape orientation. If the screen of your iPad does not rotate depending on the orientation, then this can be quickly fixed (naturally, if the problem is not hardware).

Enable or Disable Lock Screen Orientation on iPad

If you see a small icon in the form of a lock with a round arrow near the current battery status on the status bar (in the status bar) of the iPad, then the automatic rotation of the iPad screen is blocked.

In order to lock or unlock automatic screen rotation on the iPad it is necessary to do next steps:

  • Open the Control Center on the main screen with up gesture;
  • Use the “Lock button” to enable or disable orientation lock.

When the rotation lock function is on, the portrait or landscape orientation of the screen will be saved and will not change when the device is rotated.

What to Do If the Screen Does not Rotate on the Old iPad?

The screen rotation lock on an old iPad can be locked in two places: using the switch on the side panel (above the volume buttons) or the Control Center.

If the screen rotation lock is enabled using the switch on the side panel of the iPad, you can disable this option:

  • Open Settings -> General -> Switch on the side panel;
  • Select “Mute” option.

After that, the switch on the side panel will not be responsible for blocking (orienting) the rotation of the screen, but for turning off the sound.

How to Turn On Orientation Lock on the iPhone?

How to activate screen rotation on an iPhone is described in detail in my old article: How can we Lock Screen Orientation in iOS Devices?


If after performing all the above steps, you still could not unlock the screen rotation, try restarting the iPad. To do this, press and hold the Power button until the Power off slider appears. After turning off the iPad, press and hold the Power button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If the reboot did not help, then, unfortunately, you will have to contact the iPad repair service center.

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