How to reduce the consumption of mobile traffic on a smartphone or tablet is a classic problem of the mobile Internet era, with varying success solved from year to year, as technology develops and new services appear. How to minimize the consumption of traffic when using the iPhone, we will discuss below.

iPhone Data Usage High and How to Reduce the Consumption of Cellular Traffic?

What uses the most data on iPhones? How to Track Traffic Consumption? Is there an overspending problem at all? To do this, you need to know exactly how many bytes have passed and arrived for a specified period of time, tied to the tariff plan, as a rule, within a month. The required digits can be found along the following path: Settings -> Cellular communications in the Cellular Tariff Statistics section, the “Current period” field, but there is one snag.

Why is my iPhone Using so Much Cellular Data?

iOS automatically counts traffic and summarizes old data with new ones, showing default values ​​for the entire period of operation of the gadget.

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So, you have to get into the habit of once a month clicking on the button “Reset statistics” in Mobile Data section at the very bottom of this menu and “start life from scratch”.

Why is my iPhone Using so Much Cellular Data?

How to Calculate and Disable Apps Responsible for Increasing Traffic Consumption

Here, in the Mobile data section, statistics on the use of mobile traffic for each application installed on the iPhone is available.

Starting with iOS 7, the system is trained to report in detail which particular applications used cellular communications in their work. And specify the value of the traffic shares in understandable units of measure – kilobytes (KB) and megabytes (MB), it is simple to calculate the most “voracious”. In order to show who the true owner of this iPhone is, we study the list of consumers and turn off the most-most with royal gestures. In case of doubt, the switch can be moved to the other side at any time.

Turn Off Downloads from the iTunes Store and the App Store on Cellular Networks

The world of business is tough – we are forced to pay for content, for using a virtual service and, in addition, for traffic. Often redundant, and the question of the need to necessarily copy the acquired files to all iOS gadgets is still a matter of discussion. Meanwhile, the optimal solution is before our eyes – go to Settings -> iTunes Store, App Store and turn off Use Mobile Data for automatic downloads from iTunes Store, App Store.

Why is my iPhone Using so Much Cellular Data?

Disable Background App Updates

The reasoning of the developers is very simple, it is useless to distract the user for such trifles as downloading a pair of hotfixes or a tiny update consisting of a pair of service files with hard-to-read names. Therefore, in iOS, the whole action occurs gradually, in the background – in other words, uncontrollably, with a noticeable consumption of traffic. You can and should stop the process by moving the “Content Update” switch along the path Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

Why is my iPhone Using so Much Cellular Data?

Now just Switch off Background App Refresh.

Why is my iPhone Using so Much Cellular Data?

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Disable iCloud Drive Sync

The option is designed with a good purpose, but in practice, not everything is so simple – updating data in the cloud at every opportunity does not so much help to save files as it picks up traffic. Of course, for actively using the contents of the iWork package, automatic synchronization is vital all the time when working with documents.

Especially when it comes to real work and the corresponding responsibility, but after all, most iPhone owners in iCloud do not store business files at all, but various entertaining trash. And let it all be expensive, like memory, in the name of the great goal of minimizing traffic, go to Settings -> Mobile Data and at the very bottom turn the iCloud Drive switch to the off position, thereby prohibiting the system from using cellular communications to work with cloud storage. You also can switch off Wi-Fi Assist option.

Why is my iPhone Using so Much Cellular Data?


This is not the whole list of functions that consume traffic from the network from your device, but they are the most voracious by excluding them, you will reduce the data consumption by about 40-60%.

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