If the sensor does not work correctly on the iPhone or iPad, do not immediately take the devices to the service center, often the problem can be solved by yourself.

What To Do If iPhone Touch Screen Frozen?

The first reason may be in the usual hang of the system and the phone itself. Try to restart the phone, and see if it responds to touch. There are two ways to turn off the phone:

  • Try to hold down the “Power On/Off” button and then stretch the slider to turn off the device.
  • If this does not help, then it is best to hold down the “Power On/Off” button and the “Home” button to restart the phone in forced mode.
Why is My iPhone Screen Unresponsive?

The Most Common Problems:

  • The reason that the iPhone does not react to anything may be in the damage of some connections, for example, a loop. This is what can influence the fact that the phone works, but does not react to anything. Do not drop and subject the device to any mechanical damage. This adversely affects him;
  • If the iPhone screen does not respond, it is best to turn off or restart the phone. If this does not help, then most likely the sensor itself does not work and will need to be changed;
  • For the phone to react to touch, nothing should interfere, so if there are protective covers or some plastic covers on the screen, then they are best removed.

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Calibration iPhone Sensor

Some touchscreen settings in the iPhone are provided, but they concern only models older than iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. It is about adjusting the sensitivity of the 3D Touch function and this option could help us with sometimes lags with touch screen. To configure the pressure to perform various actions when using 3D Touch, you must do the following:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility;
  • Click on the “3D Touch” option;
Why is My iPhone Screen Unresponsive?
  • After which you can adjust the sensitivity of the screen.
Why is My iPhone Screen Unresponsive?


I hasten to admit that on my iPhone 6S, after replacing the factory display with a non-original display, a similar problem periodically appears. In no particular order my iPhone screen is unresponsive. In my case, most often it helps to simply turn the phone on and off with the side power key and the touchscreen starts responding to touches again. Conclusion – to use only the official Apple service centers, regardless of the high cost of services.

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