Some iPhone users often complain to us that their iPhone restarting randomly on their own. But it is one thing when it happens once, and quite another if the problem is repeated several times. What to do in this case?

Trying to Fix Problem with Restarting the iPhone

First of all, it is recommended to install the available updates of the iOS – perhaps this will help solve the problem.

Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting?

Next, install updates for all applications. If the reboot occurs at the time of opening the application, then we will definitely remove it and reinstall it again.

If your iPhone keeps restarting trying another step related to the update is the update of the programs themselves. Often, users accumulate dozens of applications and do not update them. If you, for example, have some applications waiting for updates, it is better to fulfill their requirements. The cool way that works in most cases is to force reboot.

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Let’s summarize the most effective methods:

  • First way: Forced reboot to enter recovery mode with a twenty-second hold on the home and start buttons;
Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting?
  • Second way: Perform a copy of all files by creating a backup;
Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting?
  • Then completely reset the operating system.
Why Does My iPhone Keep Restarting?


Sometimes the device also begins to work unstably, if it’s out of memory. Clean your iPhone and free a few extra gigabytes. If the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch continues to reboot, back up the device and reset the operating system. If none of this helps, and your iPhone randomly restarts, you need contact an Apple service center professional for iPhone firmware or other troubleshooting.

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