Once upon, my iPad says “Not Charging”. Having shone a flashlight in the Lightning connector, I found a lot of extraneous garbage. Taking a toothpick, I cleaned the charging connector and it worked. 

To avoid readers’ problems, I decided to make a list of the most common problems associated with charging on your iPad.

A list of the most common charging problems with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is as follows:

  • The device does not charge;
  • The device is charging very slowly;
  • The status is “Not charging” in the status bar;
  • Error “Accessory is not certified”.
Why Does my iPad Say not Charging?

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What to do if iPad Show Message “Not Charging” in Menu Bar?

This often happens when charging the iPad. The fact is that the cable used for charging may require more power than an energy source can provide:

  • Use a high-power USB port – if the message “Not Charging” is displayed when connected to a PC connector, it means that it does not have sufficient output power. Modern Mac computers support USB charging for any iPad.
  • Don’t use external USB hubs – such splitters cannot provide your iPad with energy properly, so do not even try to use them to charge the device;
Why Does my iPad Say not Charging?
  • Use an original Apple power adapter – we strongly recommend that you use only the power adapters that came with your iPad for charging;
  • Try to clean Lightning socket from garbage.
Why Does my iPad Say not Charging?


If none of these tips helped you, iPad not Charging on PC or Mac and you are sure that the Lightning cable is not defective, then you should contact a service center.

What difficulties did you encounter most when charging your iPhone and iPad? How did you solve the problems? Share in the comments.


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