If you recently switched from Windows to Mac, then you probably already have at least once encountered a problem – you can’t refresh the page by pressing F5 on the keyboard. What’s the matter?

How to Press F5 on Mac?

It’s simple – in macOS, another key is responsible for updating the page more precisely, a keyboard shortcut.

And which ones, you ask?

Cmd + R

The combination Cmd + R works in all popular browsers on the Mac – not only in the “native” Safari, but also in third-party ones – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Where is F5 Refresh Shortcut on Mac?

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How to Replace the Cmd + R Refresh Shortcut with the F5 Key Familiar to Windows?

  • Open on your Mac System Preferences -> Keyboard;
Where is F5 Refresh Shortcut on Mac?
  • App Shortcuts -> Shortcuts;
  • Click the Plus sign, located under the window labeled All Programs;
Where is F5 Refresh Shortcut on Mac?
  • In the drop-down menu, select your preferred browser – for example, Safari or Google Chrome;
  • In the Menu Name line, you must specify the exact name of the menu command for updating;
  • When you finished, click Add button.
Where is F5 Refresh Shortcut on Mac?
  • For example, in the case of Safari, we open browser and start looking for the exact name in the menu bar it is located at the top of the screen. The desired phrase – Reload Pageis located in the View section.


Done! Now you can refresh the page “the old fashioned way” by habitually pressing the F5 like a refresh shortcut on Mac and you no longer have to search for Cmd + R on the keyboard.

If you have any tricks of your own, I’m waiting for you in the comments.


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