AirDrop, when it works, is the best way to transfer files between two devices. Apple implemented support for this technology on both iOS and macOS, which allows you to transfer files from your computer to your iPhone, iPod or iPad without using wires. With AirDrop, you can transfer photos, videos, documents, website links, and more.

Despite the convenience of AirDrop, the operation of this function is implemented extremely opaque. Starting with how the two devices communicate, ending with how the files are saved. Where to look for data received by AirDrop?

Where does AirDrop Go on Mac?

In the case of macOS, everything is simple: the file that you receive via AirDrop will be in the Downloads folder. Access to it can be obtained either through the Finder, or from the Dock, where it is located by default. Images, documents, videos and any files received through AirDrop fall into the “Downloads”.

Where do AirDrop Files Go on Mac?

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AirDrop App Files Folder in iOS

There is no classic file system on iOS, so the place where the data is saved depends on the type of data received. If you receive an image or video, they will appear in the standard “Photos” application in your main album. If you get a PDF, a text file or some other data format, then iOS will offer you a choice of applications installed on the device that can be used to open them. Data will be saved in this application.

Where do AirDrop Files Go on Mac?


Please note that if you do not immediately open the file immediately, then it simply will not be saved. It will not be possible to return to opening it again; Also, third-party applications can sometimes pull up data received with AirDrop for a long time. This is normal, so do not worry if the data does not immediately appear.

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