The latest generation of the MacBook Pro came out relatively recently – in May-June 2019. In fact, it was the on-duty update of the model of the 18th year, which received a number of small innovations. But the real novelty should be the model 2020 model year. It seems that predicting the release of the MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen in the second half of 2020, analyst and predictor Ming-Chi Kuo was not mistaken.

Newest MacBook Pro Release 2020

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the main news of the new MacBook Pro will be their screen, LCD with a matrix of mini-LEDs (mini-LED). The Apple Pro XDR Display screen consists of 576 independent elements, the half-sized screens of the 2020 MacBook Pro are predicted to consist of approximately 10,000. Apple has been working on displays for the future for a long time and thoroughly, and the Apple Pro XDR Display, among other things Among other things, there is also a testing ground for testing solutions found over the course of many years of operation and running them under real-life conditions.

Theoretically, mini-LED is superior to OLED in almost all respects, and lacks most of its shortcomings. Experiments with such displays have been going on for almost ten years – but due to numerous technical and technological problems, the time of their publication has not yet come.

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Pricing MacBook Pro 2020

MacBook Pros were never affordable devices, especially when they got to the Russian market. It’s too early to talk about the cost of an unannounced new product.

MacBook Pro 2020 Specifications

Users of “apple” gadgets in the new generation is waiting for a real surprise. Most analysts and insiders agree that the 15.4-inch model will be replaced by a 16-inch one. At the same time, Apple is going to fit a larger display into the case, which is almost the same in size as a tag. This can be done by reducing the frames (finally!) Around the screen.

Another innovation that should affect both the older and younger MacBook Pro are Mini-LED matrices. A completely new technology for the manufacture of screens should combine excellent OLED color rendering and IPS performance.

MacBook Pro 2020 CPUs

The processor of new products will choose the chipsets of the Intel Coffee Lake-H Refresh family. These ninth-generation Intel Core with up to eight cores will give some performance boost.

According to rumors, the MacBook Pro (2020) will receive support for fifth-generation mobile networks. However, it is unlikely that Apple will decide to implement the coveted 5G in laptops, while it is not in the iPhone.

Coffee Lake-H

Perhaps the MacBook Pro (2020) will be the carrier of the fastest charge among all laptop computers Apple. The charging power will be 96 watts, the computer, of course, will be powered through the USB Type-C connector.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar & Keyboard 2020

The fate of Touchbar devices from Apple is not completely clear. Despite the fact that many users love this thing, its further fate is not clear.

And, according to the reputable analyst in the Apple world, Ming-Chi Kuo, in the new generation, the company will abandon its extremely unsuccessful butterfly keyboard. The new keyboard will receive the usual (and reliable) scissor mechanism, and fiberglass will be used in its design.

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