Apple released the macOS Catalina Golden Master version a few days after the tenth beta. Recall that the public release of macOS Catalina is scheduled for October 4.

Golden Master

When Does macOS Catalina GM Version Come Out?

Golden Master or Gold Master is the version of the system for developers that corresponds to the final version. Its release confirms that Apple is ready to release macOS Catalina in public.

About the New macOS Catalina Features

Apple has added Screen Time from iOS now on macOS. The function provides the same features as the version in iOS. You can monitor how much time you spend on applications, set limits for yourself, etc.

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Screen time settings are synchronized on all your devices, so the restrictions apply to all devices. The screen time in macOS Catalina received one new function that gives you an extra minute to save the game, project, etc.

When Does macOS Catalina GM Version Come Out?

Photos on macOS Catalina has been updated a lot. Now it is smart enough to hide identical photos, and instead select only the most interesting ones. You can also view photos by day, month, and year. The program itself chooses important events, such as holidays, travel, etc.

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