If you want to use your iPhone one hundred percent, you need to know the version of the operating system installed on it. As a rule, it must be taken into account when launching applications, because not all programs work equally well on different versions of iOS. How to find out the firmware version of your iPhone? Everything is very simple. Below I present two ways to help you with this.

Check iOS Version iPhone or iPad

In order to find out the iOS version directly on your smartphone, repeat the following steps:

  • Open Settings;
  • Click on the General section;
What Version is my iPhone or iPad?
  • Select the “About” option;
What Version is my iPhone or iPad?
  • Scroll the menu that opens until you see the information you need in the “Software Version” line.
What Version is my iPhone or iPad?

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How to Find iOS Version on iPhone or iPad using iTunes?

You can also find out the current version of iOS on a desktop computer with iTunes installed, however, for this, the mobile device must be connected to it using a USB cable. If iTunes did not start automatically, you need to open it.

When iTunes detects the device, click on the button with the image of the iPhone or iPad, on the left select the “Summary” section and you will see the firmware version.

What Version is my iPhone or iPad?


In the instructions you read about how to find out the version of iOS. I hope the information came in handy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.


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