The top-most information field on the iPhone and iPad is a status bar, necessary to determine all the main indicators of the device and the properties of the connected optional accessories.

Here the user can get acquainted with the current battery charge, see the activity of wireless data transfer protocols, as well as navigate in many other processes occurring with the device. Most of the characters on the status bar are obvious, but among them there are those whose meaning is not clear to the average user.

So what do the symbols in the status bar of the iPhone and iPad?

LTE, 5G, 4G, 3G, E, GPRS

What the iPhone Status Bar Icon Indicators Mean?

The most common icons in the status bar, meaning to connect to a particular standard of a wireless data network through a cellular operator.

Do not Disturb

What the iPhone Status Bar Icon Indicators Mean?

A very useful mode that allows you manually or on schedule to limit (mute) the receipt of calls and alerts received when the iPhone or iPad screen is locked. A flexible setting that has its own scheduler, thanks to which it will automatically be turned on or off on a schedule.

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Personally, from 23:00 to 6:00 you can’t get through to me or write an SMS. Messages from various kinds of social networks or notifications from applications will be muted.

Orientation Lock

What the iPhone Status Bar Icon Indicators Mean?

The icon means that the orientation lock function of the iPhone or iPad is activated. A very handy thing when, for example, you are lying in bed on your side and reading a book or surfing the net so that the device does not automatically turn the picture into landscape mode.

Hotspot Mode

What the iPhone Status Bar Icon Indicators Mean?

By connecting your iPhone to a cellular data network, you always have the opportunity to distribute traffic through a personal access point created directly from the device.

Starting with iOS 8, “Hotspot mode” has become more intelligent (smart mode), and this has caused a lot of questions about where this mode has gone.


What the iPhone Status Bar Icon Indicators Mean?

Also often found in the status bar icon, meaning connecting the iPhone to a virtual private network (Virtual Private Network). Through this channel, the smartphone provides secure transmission of confidential information. The transfer of encrypted data can be carried out via Wi-Fi or through a cellular data network.


In this article I gave a detailed description of the most frequently used icons and statuses. If you still have doubts and you did not find the answer, then the table with other icons is given below.

What the iPhone Status Bar Icon Indicators Mean?


Thus, using a couple dozen characters in the status bar, you can get a lot of information related to using the iPhone or iPad directly.

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