The Do Not Disturb option first appeared on iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion. It’s essence lies in the ability to limit incoming calls and messages from all subscribers or their individual category.

Let’s consider in more detail what happens when users try to call you or send SMS or iMessage under the conditions of the activated Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone.

How to Use Do Not Disturb Mode iPhone the Right Way?

The Do Not Disturb function allows iPhone, iPad and Mac users to protect themselves from calls or SMS messages from various groups of subscribers at a pre-set time. You can use this mode, for example, during intensive work, when each external stimulus can interfere with the workflow or, for example, at night.

The option is activated in the Settings of iOS.

What Does the “Do Not Disturb” Button Do on iPhone?

And the Control Center.

What Does the “Do Not Disturb” Button Do on iPhone?

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By activating the toggle switch Scheduled by the user can set the time at which no one can reach him.

What Does the “Do Not Disturb” Button Do on iPhone?

In the Call section, you can specify a group of contacts or subscribers from the Favorites category on which the Do Not Disturb mode will not be distributed – their calls and text messages will be freely passed through.

The activated Repeated Calls switch will allow the subscriber to call only the second time, provided that the repeated call has been completed within 3 minutes.


Users trying to reach the subscriber with the “Do Not Disturb” option turned on will constantly encounter a busy signal. When a call or message is sent, the iPhone or iPad screen will not light up. At the same time, after activating the screen, the iPhone will inform the owner of the missed call and message. That is, all attempts to reach the user with his iPhone’s Do Not Disturb function enabled will be displayed in the history of calls and messages that are not accompanied by any sound signals.

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