For example, before asking when you will check your Mac’s performance on a Mac disk space analyzer, most of you may answer that you checked it on the first day you had your own Mac.

Now you don’t have to worry about disk space anymore until your Mac becomes slow or the system doesn’t notice that there is not enough space to upload files. The excitement you get from the Mac is gradually subsiding. Indeed, excitement simply lasts for a short period of time, so it can cause joy every time it occurs.

Meanwhile, the original good performance is buried in time. That’s why you need to test your Mac’s performance as soon as possible using a Mac disk space analyzer so that you can clean up garbage on time to keep your Mac in a consistently good condition. Mac users always ask me: “What is actual alternative Windirstat for Mac?”. Here is the list of the best Mac storage managers and the best disk space analyzers, which I will presented to you in this article.


What Disk Space Analyzer is the Best for your Mac?

iMyMac provides you with a clear overview of the status of your Mac system. If you are not comfortable with the working status of your Mac, you can also consider removing unnecessary files, removing clutter, or deleting large and old files to speed up your Mac using the Mac Cleaner tool inside.

There are four advantages why you can choose iMyMac – the best Mac storage manager.


What Disk Space Analyzer is the Best for your Mac?

JDiskReport is a disk space analyzer that uses a pie chart or a histogram to display disk space on your Mac. Five main points of view will show you the disk space usage in JDiskReport.

This is easy to understand, even if you are not familiar with computer operations. JDiskReport can work on Linux, Windows and macOS systems.

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However, the fly in the ointment is that JDiskReport is not available for deleting files in this software; its speed is much lower than other disk space analyzers.

Do not pay attention to the shortcomings of JDiskReport, JDiskReport is also a good analyzer of disk space.

TreeSize Free for Mac

What Disk Space Analyzer is the Best for your Mac?

Unlike JDiskReport, TreeSize Free allows you to delete files in this software, which is also a function provided by iMyMac.

In addition, you can choose to scan unnecessary files that you want to delete in separate folders or all folders on your computer, which will significantly save your time in the scanning process.

Moreover, it supports checking disk space on both internal and external hard drives. If you are using a Linux or macOS system, TreeSize Free may disappoint you because it does not support these two systems; and it cannot successfully classify files on your computer, either.


Verifying disk usage on your Mac with Mac Disk Space Analyzers helps you maintain a Mac device in a good situation.

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