Not all Mac users know how to get quick access to certain Safari features. I bring to your attention a list that will help you manage your browser windows and tabs without any difficulty, navigate through the pages and make you a real pro.

It so happened that I spend most of my working time in a wonderful Safari browser, today I decided to share my experience with it.

Windows & Tabs

Perhaps, having studied some simple tricks, you will proceed to use this wonderful program instead of an alternative browser.

Let’s start with managing browser windows and tabs:

  • Command + T – Create a new tab;
  • Command + Shift + [ – Go to previous tab;
  • Command + Shift + ] – Go to the next tab;
  • Command + W – Closing the current tab;
  • Command + Z – Restore closed tab;
  • Command + Option + W – Close all inactive tabs;
  • Command + N – Opening a separate Safari window;
  • Command + M – Hide the current Safari window;
  • Command + Shift + W – Close the current Safari window;
  • Command + ` – Switch between Safari windows;
  • Command + H – Hide all Safari windows;
  • Command + Q – Safari Close, including all windows and tabs.

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These keyboard shortcuts for Safari will help in a matter of seconds to start browsing the new site, return a closed page or exit from the browser. To carry out these actions by pressing the mouse will take much longer.

Useful Safari Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Current Safari Window

Let’s go over the combinations to work with the current Safari browser window:

  • Command + L – Go to the address bar;
  • Command + Shift + H – Go to home page;
  • Command + [ – Go back to page;
  • Command + ] – Go forward;
  • Command + Up Arrow – Go to the top of the page (similar to Home);
  • Command + Down Arrow – Go to the end of the page (similar to End);
  • Command + “+” button – Zoom;
  • Command + “-” button – Zoom out;
  • Command + 0 (zero) – Set the scale to 100%;
  • Command + F – Enable search on page;
  • Command + G – Go to the next match found by searching;
  • Command + click on the link – Opening the link in a new background tab;
  • Command + Shift + click on the link – Opening a link in a new background window;
  • Ctrl + click on the link – Opening the context menu;
  • Command + R – Reload Page;
  • Command + P – Print the current page;
  • Command + S – Save Web Page;
  • Command + i – Write an email with the contents of the current web page;
  • Command + Shift + i – Write an email containing a link to the current web page.

Working Space Manipulation

The following set of commands will be useful for calling some functions or browser panels. They can not hide, but if you do not use them often, then at their expense you can increase the working space in Safari.

  • Command + Shift + L – Displays/hides the sidebar with bookmarks and a list for reading;
  • Command + Alt + L – Show/hide the download menu;
  • Command + Shift + B – Show/hide bookmarks bar;
  • Command + / – Display/hide status bar;
  • Option + Command + 1 – Opens Top Sites;
  • Option + Command + 2 – Opening the collection;
  • Command + D – Add current page to bookmarks;
  • Command + Shift + N – Add a new folder with bookmarks;
  • Command + 1..9 – Go to the bookmark with a sequence number.

Common Shortcuts

I should not forget about the “hot keys” that work in most programs on macOS and will be useful quite often:

  • Command + Z – Undo the last action;
  • Command + A – Select all content (select all);
  • Command + Shift + A – AutoFill Form;
  • Command + Ctrl + Spacebar – Insert Special Characters;
  • Command + C – Copy;
  • Command + V – Insert.


Of course, the choice of more convenient options for performing the described operations completely depends on your preferences, but I would be very happy if you added the convenience of using your Mac to someone.

If you have any tricks of your own, I’m waiting for you in the comments.


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