It doesn’t matter if you specially removed (in one of many ways) the application (game) from the device or it happened by chance, you should not worry about it – you can still return it. Moreover, you can restore both the program itself or the game, and all the data that was created by the application during your work with it. And this is very cool! After all, no one wants, for example, to start the game from the start when they have already reached a certain level in it. Nevermind, in this article we will see how to fully restore deleted games and applications on iPhone and iPad with you progress data!

Don’t worry, you could undelete an accidentally deleted app on iPhone or iPad anytime you want. Before you begin, you need to remember that all manipulations are performed under one Apple ID account. That is, if you once installed applications under one account, and now you want to bring them back with another, then nothing happens.

Now let’s begin!

How to Recover Deleted Apps on iPhone or iPad

You can perform this action either directly from the device or using iTunes. Pay attention to the fact that you can return absolutely any application or game in this way:

  • If it was paid – do not need to pay again.
  • Even if it has already been deleted from the App Store – all the same, everything will be restored.

In order to make restore deleted apps use your gadget and follow these steps. Here we learned how to find deleted apps in App Store:

  • Find the App Store icon on your desktop and start the store;
  • In the upper right corner, click on your profile icon;
  • Next, select “Purchased” at the top;
  • We are looking for what you need to download again and click on the icon “Cloud with an arrow”;
  • Waiting for amount of time and done! Previously deleted application or game again on your device.

How to Return All Data of Removed Games and Applications on iPhone and iPad

Here, a lot depends on where these same data and saves were stored previously – two ways are possible: On the developer’s servers – especially important for games or in iCloud.

In the first case, everything is quite simple and elementary. When you start the game you will need to enter the username and password with which you played before. By doing this, all achievements, results and progress made during the game will be loaded.

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In theory, all data should also “pull itself up” from the cloud immediately after installing the application. However, this may not happen. Why? There are two reasons:

  • The program itself does not support the synchronization of its data in iCloud;
  • You have prohibited the application to store your data in the “cloud”.


The surest and proven way is to save and restore the backups. Using a computer or iCloud – it does not matter! In most cases, after this procedure, absolutely all applications and games that were at the time of its creation will be returned to the iPhone.

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