Apple Music recently turned four years old. During this time, the service grew and developed, and among other things, this also means that an ordinary user, for objective reasons, may not know all the features of the service. Let’s fill this annoying gap in this article!

How to Make Playlist on Apple Music Tagged with “Like”?

Apple Music does not have a playlist of songs that put a heart, but many want it. Create it in iTunes. To do this, go to the Library, click on the “Play” field and select “New smart playlist”. In the window that opens, select “Like” in the large drop-down list, set any large number of songs in the playlist and select “Live update”.

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A playlist with the songs that you like will appear in the library. Such playlists work strangely: some songs are not in them, they are slowly synchronizing with the application, but there is no other way out yet.

View Songs that Friends are Listening to?

  • Open the “For You” section and scroll down to “Friends Are Listening To”;
Top Useful Apple Music Tricks
  • To play the audio recording that your friend is listening to, simply click on it;
  • To listen to the songs your friends are listening to, click “Friends Music”.

Don’t foreget to enable “See What Friends Are Listening To” in your account.

Top Useful Apple Music Tricks

To view a friend’s profile, go to your profile and click on his photo in the “Subscribers” or “Subscriptions” section. Here you can view playlists shared by a friend and recently played songs.

If the Friends Music playlist doesn’t appear, you may not have enough subscriptions.

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Use Apple Music Song as a Clock Alarm

Yes, yes, that’s also possible!

  • Open the Clock application, select the Alarm tab;
  • Create a new one by clicking on the “+” icon;
Top Useful Apple Music Tricks
  • Tap Sound and select your favorite song from Apple Music.
Top Useful Apple Music Tricks

Note: It must be in your song library.


Honestly, I have long since unsubscribed from Apple Music, just renewed it a couple of weeks ago and was surprised by the numerous changes to the service. In two weeks of using Apple Music, I saw its good and bad sides. The peculiarity of the service is that it is extremely overloaded and functional. Therefore, in this article I told you some tips that will help you use the capabilities of Apple Music effectively. This is not the whole list, and gradually I will supplement it in new articles.

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