IPhone has its distinct message system. There are two types: the simple text message and the iMessage. The simple text message is sent when the recipient is an android or non-iPhone user and also when the sender’s does not have an internet connection. However, the iMessage is sent when the sender and receiver both have an IOS iPhone. An iPhone user might not be able to receive a message as iMessage if his iPhone is not connected to the internet at the moment. In this case he will receive a text message.

You might be confused as to what kind of message you have sent from your iPhone, was it a text message or an iMessage? The text message is sent in green bubbles. Whereas, an iMessage is sent in blue bubbles. The colors can tell you about the kind of message you have sent.

At times, the iPhone faces problems sending text messages. The messages are not being sent from the sender and are not received by the receiver. Here are some reasons why this might be happening and then how to solve those issues. Let us get started.

Cell Phone’s Sim Card Service Issues

An iPhone will not be able to send a text message in case, iPhone does not have a cellular connection. This might be due to that the iPhone does not have a cellular plan active. In another case, the cellular network signals might be weak of either the sender or the receiver and the text might not be able to send. Also, airplane mode might have been enabled in either of the phone which disables the connectivity.

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To fix these issues, you might have to activate a cellular network with strong signals. Turn off the airplane mode if it is enabled on your iPhone.

How to Fix Problem When iPhone Not Sending Text Messages

SMS Sending is Turned on

Unintentionally, you might have disabled the SMS sending option in your iPhone. To fix this, open settings and go to “Message”. Then go to “send as SMS” and click on it to turn it on. The mark will turn green.


At times, only reboot is sufficient to solve the issues. Simply hold down the power and home button up until the apple logo appears and the iPhone restarts itself. When the device is now on, send a text message to check if this has solved the issue.

How to Fix Problem When iPhone Not Sending Text Messages

Reset Network Settings

The resetting of network settings might be hard for you due to the fact that it will erase all your saved passwords and Wi-Fi settings. But in order to fix your SMS service, you might have to do this.

How to Fix Problem When iPhone Not Sending Text Messages

To reset the network settings, open settings and go to “generals” and then choose reset. Next, click on “reset network settings”, confirm to perform this operation and wait for the iPhone to get rebooted. When the phone turns back on, all the network data is erased but you can connect again and try sending a text message.

Re-creating New Message

At times, so many messages are there in a thread that it creates problems. So you might have to delete the message thread and create a new one and then send a text message. To do this, open messages, swipe left on the message thread and click delete. Then, start a new thread. This might solve your issue too.

In case, all of above doesn’t works, that means that the problem is not at your end. The problem might be on the receiver’s end. He might not have detached iMessage when switching to Android from an iPhone or he might not have proper connection at the moment.

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