With the new models of iPad pro having no Home buttons after being replaced by the Face ID feature, a lot of opportunities for some cool stuff have been given but at the same time, new confusions arise. One of these confusions is one of our most common practices, that being, taking screenshots of memorable stuff. Since the newer models do not have the Home button, the old way taking screenshots is no longer possible, you would have to press the Home button and the Power button together to take one before. So, is there a way we can do that again? Yes, and let’s find out how.

The Steps to Follow

The way you take a screenshot is almost similar to the way you took it previously; there is only a change of what buttons that should be pressed. It will take a few tries before you get in the habit of it so expect some blunders like going for the Home button, when it is really not there. Don’t worry though, that is to be expected as it takes some time to get that muscle memory.

  1. First, you would want to go to the screen you want as a screenshot. Make sure that there is nothing else open aside from the view you want to capture. Keep a lookout for possible notification as they can pop up at any time and ruin your moment.
  2. After you are done setting up the scene, press the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume up button simultaneously. If you are having trouble with the timing, then a good trick is to briefly press and hold the Volume up button and then tapping the Power or Sleep button. For those of you who don’t know, the Power button is present on the top of the iPad Pro whereas the Volume up button is present on its right side, assuming you are holding the iPad in a portrait or vertical stance.
  3. If your screen flashes white and you hear a sound like a camera shutter or click then the operation has been performed successfully. You can now see a preview of the screenshot you have taken; it will appear as a tiny icon on the lower left corner of the screen. 
  4. By tapping on that icon, you can perform a variety of actions. Tapping it will give you the option to edit it via Instant Markup; over there you can crop, highlight or edit it as you like before you share or save it. You can also save or share the screenshot in its raw form by simply ignoring the editing options and saving it directly via the Instant Markup tool. 

The Instant Markup tool is a great way of editing your screenshot and refining it in a way you would want it to be shared but it has its limits. For more detailed editing you can use the Photos App from your Home screen. An easy way of accessing it is to just tape the camera icon or open the edit menu.


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