Spotlight is a fantastic search tool in macOS that works across the entire system and across all hard drives. It can be used to search for files, launch applications, arithmetic calculations, find translations and definitions of words and much more. But the most important thing is that all this can be done without interrupting the keyboard.

It is hard to imagine, but Spotlight is the best friend of any user Mac. It works quickly, conveniently and adds a lot of functionality, without which many people cannot imagine their life. If you are one of those people, then highly appreciate the list of hot keys that I compiled. And if you have not yet realized all the advantages of Spotlight, then try using at least some of the keyboard shortcuts, and I’m sure that you will join us.

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All the Most Essential Shortcuts

Hotkeys are very helpful when performing any frequently repeated actions when working in programs. If you remember their combinations, the speed of the user will increase significantly, because resort to using the mouse will have much less. Indeed, it will be faster to bring up a menu with a keyboard combination of a couple of keys than to move the mouse pointer to it, press the button, select the desired item in the list, and then click the mouse again.

And so here is a summary of the most necessary combinations when working with Spotlight:

Command + Space – Open Spotlight menu;

Command + Enter or Command + Click – Open selected objects in Finder;

Command + I – Information about selected objects;

Command + Up/Down Arrows – Move to previous / next category in search results;

Control + Up/Down Arrows – Go to the first / last object in the Spotlight menu;

Command + Delete – Clear text in Spotlight search bar;

Command + Left/Right Arrows – Move the cursor to the start/end in the search field.

Command + Option + Space – Open a new window Spotlight Finder.


Now you know all about how to work with Spotlight, using only keyboard shortcuts.

If you have something to supplement my collection, please leave comments.


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