It is certainly a horrible feeling if you see your MacBook Air/Pro having liquid on its surface as you have spent a lot of dollars there to buy this. But, you should not panic if you face such a situation. Usually, MacBook’s are built under the highest level of precision and safety. The developers take good care of the product. So, you don’t need to worry about your data saved in it. You can get things back if your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro encounter any spills of water or any other liquid.

Before going into the tricks, I am going to tell you something. If you dropped it into the water or swimming pool, then it would be the hardest thing to make it in use again. You may lose your data as well. There is a chance, but I must say the odds of recovery are less. In this article, I am going to discuss a few tips that can help you in cases where you see a few drops of water on the keyboard or a cup of tea chopped over your MacBook. There is no guarantee that these tricks would work in 100 % cases.

Be Safe

Safety should be the number one priority when you have a machine that made you pay big to have it. There are wires and cell there in the MacBook so there is a chance of getting an electric shock if you don’t take any precautions. If you don’t know what to do, then take it to an expert electrician to sort things out.

Turn your MacBook Air/Pro Off

How to Prevent your MacBook from Liquid Damage?

The first thing to do is to turn your device Off. Unplug all the cables and inputs connected. You don’t need to worry about the unsaved documents as the autosave in MacBook will do the job for you. The main thing to do is to save you MacBook first. Hold the power button to shut it down. If it doesn’t work, go to the Apple Menu and shut down your device from there. Don’t turn it ON again, it can make things worse for your MacBook.

Disconnect the Battery if you Can

The older versions of Mac have a removable battery. If you’re using such a device, then remove it Immediately. The new versions are more reliable and are of smaller sizes that is why the developers prefer their batteries to be inside. So, in this case, you can’t take it off from the device.

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Dry Out all the Water you See

It is very hard to disconnect all the power sources but the thing you can do is to dry all the Visible water anywhere on the Mac as soon as possible. You can use a Cotton towel to do the job as it absorbs water quickly. If you don’t have a cotton towel, use any dry piece of cloth.

Flip Over your Keyboard if it Spills

Keyboard has buttons and provides enough space for water to seep in the system. So, flip it if you see plenty of water there on the surface of the keyboard. If there are few drops, you can dry them quickly without flipping the keyboard over. This can minimize the contact between water and other functional components of your MacBook. It can save your components from getting wet.

Use Hair Dryer or a Fan

How to Prevent your MacBook from Liquid Damage?

Use of hair dryer can work as it blows air very quickly and can suck the water out. Most of the engineers use this trick to get things done. It works when you blow air in the keyboard buttons as there is enough space there for air to go. So, this is the thing that can save your MacBook. You need to do it in quick time and it can help better. Remember one thing don’t use a hairdryer in when it’s hot mode is active. This can cause problems in the machine’s hardware.

Wait for at least two days and keep the fan on to drain all the water out of the MacBook. Don’t try to turn it ON again and again during this session. This is what usually done by most of the trusted used when they encounter such a situation.

Take it to the Developer’s Office to Check if there is any Damage

Most of the people don’t do this. They dry the MacBook and don’t bother visiting the Apple store for verifying any damages. They keep trying to turn it ON by themselves. This may cause more damage to the machine. I advise you to take your MacBook to the Apple store after drying it. They can better tell you about the faults as well. There can be just a keyboard error if water doesn’t drain in the system too much or can be a bigger one. They can tell you about that and better suggest a process to at least save your data saved in the MacBook.


So, these are few of the tricks and ways to make your MacBook Air/Pro save if water spills in it. You can follow these step by step to have the least damage. Try to turn it ON, again and again, can make the whole system dead and that would be the total loss for you. So, the smaller loss is better than having a total system failure for you.

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