Most of us spend time enjoying music on the Mac, and watch our favorite latest movies on it too. But it can be a headache if the sound is not working on the Mac and also the audio is not working on the Mac. You won’t be able to hear your favorite music. Well, don’t worry since this article will explain you how to fix the issue if the audio and sound is not working on the Mac. Let us get started.

Checking the Mute Button

sound not working on mac

At times, nothing is wrong with the Mac. Simply the audio has been muted or the volume is set too low that you can’t hear it. For most easily way you can press “F10” button or locate the mute sign and unmute if it was muted and check if you can hear the sound now.

Check if any External Sound Device is Connected

Your Mac might not be playing sound simply because you have connected headphones or AirPods to it. Unplug your headphones, play the sound and then check if you are able to hear the music from the internal speakers.

Check the Ports

Disconnect anything that is connected on the ports. Also check the headphone jack to see if there is any dust particles or anything that might be causing a blockage. Mac might detect the particles as headphones and not may sound on the internal speakers.

Update the Software

sound not working on mac

Update your Mac software. Sometimes, the version is out of date and the sound is not being played, so once you update your software, the sound and audio might just start working immediately.

Fixing the Missing Audio Output

In case your sound is not muted but still you cannot hear the sound. Follow the steps below to make the audio and sound work. This method is for all Mac’s speakers including, external speakers, internal speakers, headphone, air pods, or any other speaker. This method is used when the Mac has chosen a different audio channel. For example, if you have attached headphones the audio channel was external sound. So the method below will change the audio channel to internal sound.

  • Go to the “Apple menu” and choose “System Preferences”, next select the “Sound” panel.
sound not working on mac
  • Then choose the “Output” tab.
  • Afterwards you have to select “Internal Speakers” as the output device*
  • Adjust the sound level to your desired level and then play some sound on Mac to check if the issue has been fixed.
  • Change the “Mute” stance if it’s “On”.
sound not working on mac

You can change the above settings if you wish to input headphones as external sound. Probably, this will fix your issue however, if not, try the method below.

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Fixing Missing Mac Audio / Sound with a Connect and Disconnect from the Mac Headphone Jack

You will need some kind of external sound device such as headphones or external speakers for the method below.

  • First of all, connect the headphones to the headphone jack on your Mac.
  • Then, open the iTunes (or any music) and starting playing the music, audio or video.
  • Next, unplug the headphones from the headphone jack on the Mac.
  • The issue is fixed now, the sound will be able to play from Mac’s internal built in speakers.
  • To check, open iTunes and play a sound or song to see if you can hear the music now.
sound not working on mac

So that’s how you can fix the issue when audio or sound is not working on your Mac. Usually, it’s the sound preferences that you need to change to fix the issue in a minute or two. However, if all the above methods did not work for you, then there might be an internal problem in the Mac.

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