Apple’s voice assistant is familiar to all users of iOS devices. At the moment, Siri provides many opportunities, but we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the little-known tricks.

Siri can not only “turn off Bluetooth”, but also find other settings if you do not know which tab they are in. Try the following phrases: “Change the font size” (Change font size) or “Adjust the screen brightness” (Adjust screen brightness) or “Edit Safari settings” (Change Safari settings) – and Siri will immediately direct you to the desired page. ridding you of her long search. In today article I will show you how to use Siri in an unusual way.

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What Planes are Flying Overhead

Siri, What Airplanes are Above Me?

Ask Siri: “What planes are above me right now?” (Which flights are now above me) – and you will immediately receive an answer to your question. The voice assistant is integrated with Wolfram Alpha and retrieves information from the database of the US Federal Aviation Administration. Unfortunately, this trick currently works only in the US, but if you are on the other side of the ocean, you can try it out in action.


Interestingly, this feature was added to Walfram a long time ago, and this feature may seem silly and unnecessary to you, but the fact of having such a smart API adds respect to Apple devices.

Thus, I can conclude that the expansion of the Siri functional can occur without unnecessary gestures of the user, perhaps this is the advantage of the cloud intellect.

If you also know about any interesting Siri tricks, please write us about it in the comments!


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