Keyboard shortcuts are used to explore the Mac in quick time without quitting or hiding the opened apps in the Mac. It is the fastest way to show what you want there on the screen. There are a number of shortcuts that are used for Mac to open different options. There are many keyboard shortcuts for the show Desktop keyboard and other things on the desktop without shuffling down other opened windows. Are you looking for such keyboard shortcuts that can help you to reduce your effort? Yes, everybody tries to find an easy way to follow. Most of the computer engineers use shortcuts to make things easy and faster for them as they need to perform their actions quickly while working.

In this article, I am going to mention some keyboard shortcuts for viewing the Mac Desktop. These tricks work for both macOS and Mac OS X. These shortcuts make use of the Mission Control feature in the Mac to make quick changes to the desktop.

In the latest versions of the Mac, there are almost two show desktop keyboard shortcuts available. Each one of them takes plenty of advantage from the feature called Mission Control in Mac OS X. These two are given below in detail. Use these shortcuts for better results and save your time. These are really helpful for Mac users are they need to go there on the desktop again and again if they are using it for professional purposes.


The first one is Command + F3. You can show the desktop on your screen by using these two buttons. Remember, you need to press these two buttons together. Otherwise, the trick won’t work for you. This activates the mission Control feature of the Mac and shows the desktop on your screen without quitting all other opened windows.

How to Show Desktop through Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac?

If you want to go back to the previous window that you were using before going to the desktop, press Command + F3 again. This will lead you where you were before. This is an interesting feature to have in your Mac. There are other Computer systems using different shortcuts to get this thing done. But we are here to discuss things for Mac. The other system may use different keys so, make sure about those keys. For Mac, it is super easy for you to do.

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Fn + F11

there is another show desktop keyboard shortcut available for the Mac users and data is Fn + F11. Again, you need to press these two buttons together to get your job done. This too works to activate the Mission Control in Mac just like the first one discussed above. Both of these shortcuts are as easy as you like. But this one is little different from the first one as you can edit it as well from the System Preferences. As Mac OS X is considerably faster than other systems so, clicking this keystroke won’t take a second to open the Desktop. Most of the system start getting held if there are few running apps there in action. Macs don’t do that!

How to Show Desktop through Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac?

Similarly, going back to the window where you were working is easy. Press these two buttons again and g back in quick time. If there are standard functions keys are enabled in the keyboards setting, then you don’t even need to press the function key as well. F11 can do the job in that case.

Having Problems in Using these Shortcuts?

Don’t worry if these shortcuts aren’t working for you. You just need to enable them from the System Preferences in Mac. It is not time-consuming or difficult thing to do. Just follow these steps.

  • First, go to the Apple Menu and then click on the System Preferences to open them;
  • Click Mission Control there;
  • Look for the mouse and keyboard shortcut section. There you will see “Show Desktop”. Choose F11 to set the shortcut for easy work;
  • Now quit System Preferences and try Fn + F11 to see if it works. It will surely work this time.

These shortcuts work even in situations like when your desktop is disabled. You will see some app there, if not. at least a wallpaper background will appear on the screen. This is crazy!

Can I set my Own Keyboard Shortcut to Show Desktop?

Yes, of course, you can. There are plenty of features in the Mac that make it a good and reliable device. You can set your own keyboard shortcuts whenever you want. Most of the people don’t try this thing but the smarter ones always prefer doing such things. What you just need to do is to change and set your shortcuts from preferences. There are shortcuts available for most of the basic operations. You just need to change them by clicking on the menu next to the required shortcut.

The Shortcuts discussed above are better than any other shortcuts used. In other shortcuts, you may not see some app on the desktop. But, in the above-mentioned shortcuts, all the data is visible to the Mac users. These shortcuts won’t hide anything and work appropriately. These work for all the latest versions of mac available in the market so don’t worry about using them on any other Mac as well. You can have the guide for other operations for quick exploring of your Mac help guides are available online on the official website.

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