In the basic mode, the Messages application on the iPhone works in the same way as in any other phone; with its help, you can send, receive, store and sort text SMS and multimedia MMS messages, sending which costs the user in an amount corresponding to the operator’s tariff.

After activating the iMessage service from Apple, it is possible to communicate with other owners of apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac computers) for free in the same application.

By the way, when you first connect to the service, a message appears that the operator may charge for SMS used to activate iMessage – this warning can be safely ignored – the iMessage service is completely free.

However, it is important to understand that in order to send a message via iMessage, the devices of both interlocutors must be connected to the Internet, otherwise the usual SMS will be sent (if the Send as SMS box is checked).

iMessage, if the User was out of Access to the Internet?

For such cases, the “Send as SMS” switch is provided in the settings of the Messages application. If you activate it, then when sending an iMessage message, the user will receive an ordinary paid SMS message. Otherwise, the iMessage message will come only when the user appears on the network.

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Despite all the convenience of Apple’s mobile OS, the incident that happened to me makes me ready for any surprises. So, you are in the following situation:

  • No Internet;
  • Urgently required to send an SMS message to the addressee, with whom you usually correspond via iMessage;
  • The message categorically refuses to be sent.

Let’s try to figure how to act in this situation.

Keep it Simple

If when sending an SMS message it is sent as iMessage (enclosed in a blue cloud) and the status bar freezes, hold your finger on the message and select “Send as Text Message”.

iOS provides flexible settings for sending both traditional SMS and iMessage manipulations. Open Settings – Messages and disable the slider next to “iMessage”.

Method A

This method more radical and completely eliminates the use of iMessage.

Method B

Allows you to send SMS messages when iMessage is unavailable. After making the settings, reboot the device and resend the message.

If this item does not help – move on.

Hard Device Reboot

Sometimes, it seems to me that Apple programmers themselves sometimes do not know what is happening in the heart of the iOS mobile operating system. At such moments, the device requires a good brain shake and a forced hard reset.


I hope we saw that the problems associated with sending messages on the iPhone are solved in a few clicks. If you encounter such a thing, it is important not to panic, but simply follow the advice in this article.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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