Not all keyboards look the same. There are full keyboards, ergonomic keyboards, keyboards with different key arrangements, and others. For people who surf a lot on the Internet or who need to quickly navigate through the pages, the “Page Up” and “Page Down” buttons are vital.

Most of the standard Apple keyboards on laptops and Macs have no “Page Up” and “Page Down” keys. But this does not mean you can not use the functions of these keys.

How to Use Arrows on a Mac more Effectively

Although you will not find the “Page Up” or “Page Down” keys, you can use the FN key along with the up or down arrow to get the functionality of the Page Up and Page Down buttons.

Fn + Up/Down Arrow

The fn (“function”) key on modern Apple keyboards is in the lower left corner. If you hold it down and then click on the up arrow, the open page (for example, in the browser) will go up by flipping through the visible part of the screen for each press, in the same way as by pressing “Page Up”.

A page down effect can be achieved on the same principle. Hold “fn” and click on the down arrow.

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The method works on all Apple keyboards – both on portable (Apple Wireless Keyboard) and full-size (wired MB110 with digital block). On the MB110 there are special keys “Page Up” and “Page Down”, but the combination “fn” + “Arrow” will work there.

Fn + Right/Left Arrow

Bonus: In case you need to be instantly at the top or bottom of the page, use the “fn” + “Left Arrow” and “fn” + “Right Arrow” keys, respectively.


In the browser, it is very easy to achieve “Page Down” functionality. Just press the spacebar on the keyboard and the open page will go down.

Not everyone knows that with a space (as well as another key) you can call the Page Up effect. To do this in Safari, Chrome or Firefox, just hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and press the spacebar.


As you can see, small tricks when working with the keyboard and key combinations make working on a poppy more pleasant and more convenient.

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