Both public test firmware and beta for developers are available.

Apple introduced the following builds of its macOS 10.15 Catalina operating system – the seventh beta is available for developers, and the sixth is for all users who want to take part in testing new features and catching bugs.

Given the imminent release of the final version of Catalina, there is no reason to expect global changes in the beta. And development beta number seven and public firmware number six are almost devoid of noticeable innovations.

What’s New in macOS 10.15 Catalina Developer Beta 7 and Public Beta 6?

New Versions of macOS Catalina Beta Released
  • The stability of the operating system. Most Macs that support macOS 10.15 are now faster. The number of software errors has decreased;
  • In addition, the “About This Mac” -> “Storage” -> “Maintenance” section displays the correct state of files in the cloud storage;
  • When you click on the CloudKit Share link, the Mac Catalyst application automatically opens, and if there is none on the Mac’s, the user is redirected to the page with the corresponding program in the App Store;
  • When you delete podcasts in the “About This Mac” -> “Storage” -> “Maintenance” section, the changes are displayed in the “Podcasts” application itself;
  • And in the new beta there was an opportunity to customize the sites displayed in the “Screen Time” application;
  • And much more.

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Should I Install macOS beta 10.15?

I’m sure that you should not use beta versions of operating systems on their main working devices. You run the risk of system stability issues and even partial or complete data loss. If you still intend to use beta versions, then ordinary users are better off downloading public beta – they are more stable. And also – do not forget to backup the data.

Have you updated your gadgets? What innovations awaited the most? Share in the comments.


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