The line of Apple’s Pro-tablets has quietly become the company’s main product in the gadget segment, which appeared thanks to the efforts of the corporation from Cupertino. In 2019, Apple did a lot of work on software and even created an iPadOS, which is designed to make working with the tablet even more convenient. But Apple doesn’t stop at the software. Today we will talk about the new release of iPad Pro 2019. If you plan to update the tablet, then this article is what you need.

iPad Pro 2019 Released

With a high degree of probability, it can be assumed that the updated iPad Pro will be shown to the world at the latest Apple presentation in 2019, which will be held in late October or early November. And the devices will go on sale in the middle or end of November, as it was last year.

Pricing iPad Pro 2019

The iPad Pro has never been affordable, and Apple’s pricing is unlikely to change in 2019. However, if the logic of cheaper new iPhones will be transferred to the flagship tablets, then the prices for the Pro-line may decrease slightly. At the start of sales, the 11-inch version cost between $ 900 and $ 1,500. A larger 12.9-inch tablet cost between $ 1,200 and $ 2,000.

New iPad Pro 2019: Release Date and Features

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Specifications iPad Pro 2019


There is not too much information about the upcoming news, but one thing is clear – you should not expect revolutionary solutions in this generation.

New iPad Pro 2019: Release Date and Features

For example, it is highly likely that the cases and diagonals of the screens will remain the same. But, according to analyst Min-Chi Kuo, the tablets will receive screens made using Mini-LED technology. New matrices will be thinner and lighter, and most importantly, devoid of the lack of classic OLED – burnout.


As the logic suggests, the new Apple A13 processor, which debuted with the iPhone 11, should become the “heart” of the new iPad Pro. Perhaps, the tablets will receive some kind of overclocked modification, as it was last year with the A12X chipset.


Another innovation in the iPad Pro 2019 should be multi-camera. Yes, as many insiders say, this year Apple will move away from a long tradition, when the main camera of the tablet computer was considered a kind of side function. The 2019 iPad Pro will receive a triple camera, like the iPhone XI.


In this article, I have collected all the rumors that go about the release date, price, design changes, new features and specifications of the iPad Pro 2019.

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