Spotlight indexes everything in macOS, which creates load on the processor and disk. It has already become a classic question of what is more valuable – a laptop battery charge and SSD rewriting resource or the undoubted convenience of Spotlight?

What is MDS in macOS?

mds it is a “metadata server” is part of Spotlight, search solution in our macOS. You can call it’s search bar by pressing “Cmnd” + “Space”.

If you recently transferred your files and applications from one Mac to another or downloaded a large number of new files, it is quite normal that mds and mdworker run at full capacity, thereby using a lot of memory and processor. These processes are working to create an index of all your files, which will then provide a quick search.

How Can you Tell for Sure?

Just open Spotlight and you will see the word “Indexing…” next to the progress bar. If you see this message, be aware that Spotlight is working on an index, this is the reason for using resources. This usually takes several hours, although it may vary depending on your hard disk and processor speed.

Spotlight is configured to not use all your resources. If you use a computer for other operations that require a lot of resources, the indexing process should stop temporarily. But if your Mac remains inactive, and you are connected to a power network, Spotlight will use all the available resources needed to create the database.

Is the mds Process Related to mdworker?

Yes, of course. Usually they work together in macOS, worker as a data collector and the mds process as a server. I described in detail the work of this tandem in the article earlier.

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Since these processes are caused by Spotlight, you need to pacify them (do not be afraid, this is not for too long time. I understand perfectly well, how great it makes life easier for many “apple users”).

  • To do this, go to the terminal and enter this command:
sudo mdutil -a -i off
  • Spotlight is now completely disabled, we go into monitoring and rejoice;
  • Now turn on the search for everything back:
sudo mdutil -a -i on
  • Or Spotlight could be disabled forever.


I’ll say right away that I myself could have done without Spotlight (the old school taught me to systematize all my data manually) and there is a way to simply turn off the internal search on the computer, but that would be too easy. In addition, the Spotlight index is used not only by me, but also by some programs installed on the computer. And the further, the more such programs, so … let’s choose a rational way.

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