In order to use your Mac and get work done, you need to get the functionality the mouse click, or trackpad click. But there are instances where you will not be able to click anything on your Mac. This can take place all of a sudden. At such instances, you will also see your mouse moving all around the screen as well. However, you will not be able to click on anything. When you click the mouse, nothing will be registered.

Before you attempt any solution, you need to see if there are any hardware related issues. For example, the bulging battery of the MacBook can push up against the functionality of the trackpad. On the other hand, a damaged trackpad or a mouse can also lead you towards such instances. You should also check if there has been any water damage in the Mac.

Clicking Unavalable with Trackpad or Mouse in macOS? Let's Fix it!

At First See if there are Any External Bluetooth Mouse or Trackpad

The Apple MacBook users tend to purchase Apple Magic Trackpad or Apple Magic Mouse for their convenience. When you accidentally turn it on, you will not be able to use any other mouse or the in-built trackpad. Therefore, you must double check and see if any external mouse or trackpad has been activated. If you have a one in your backpack, you can simply take it out and check. This has been identified as the most common reason why Apple users come across unresponsive mouse and trackpad operations out of their devices.

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If you are not sure on how to fix this, you can temporarily disable Bluetooth on your MacBook. As soon as you do it, the trackpad or the mouse will begin to start working. In such a situation, you figure out where your problem lies. Even though this looks like a silly fix, you shouldn’t fix this. That’s because most of the issues take place under this kind of situation.

Second Step Reboot your Mac and Sleep it

If this issue is happening in your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you can reboot it and then put your machine to sleep. Then you can wake it up after a couple of minutes and see if the issue has been fixed.

You can reboot your MacBook from the Apple menu. When your Mac boots up, you can close the lid. Then you will be able to put it to sleep. You will need to keep the MacBook in sleep mode for a couple of minutes. Then you can open the lid again and use your computer as usual. This is another quirky solution available for you to get the unexpected mouse failures in your MacBook fixed.

Clicking Unavalable with Trackpad or Mouse in macOS? Let's Fix it!

Other Possible Solutions

  • If you have a new MacBook, disabling the Force Click option on trackpad can help you to figure out the issue and solve it;
  • You can delete the preference files of mouse and trackpad that is located in your MacBook. If the issue takes place after installing a software or after a system update, this is a good solution that you can try out;
  • You can reset the SMC controller of the Mac. When you do it, you will need to restart your Mac as well;
  • You can also go ahead and reset PRAM or NVRAM on the Mac. You should do a restart in here as well.

Last but not least, you can take a look at the hardware failures again. Then you can determine if a failure in hardware is causing the issue with mouse in your Mac.

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