File Manager Finder in the operating system macOS has a regular slideshow function. Using the capabilities of the Quick Look browser built into the operating system, Apple computer users can easily view photos in full screen mode without launching the Viewer program.

In this article I will explain how to use the Finder to view images as a slideshow.

Best Photo Slideshow Software for macOS

Using the slider function in Finder is very simple. For this you need:

  • Hold “Command” key, select in the Finder one or more photos that you want to see in the slideshow;
How to Make Slideshows with Finder on Mac?
  • Holding down the “Option” key, move the cursor to one of the files you selected and click on it with the “Right mouse button”;
How to Make Slideshows with Finder on Mac?
  • In the menu, select “Slideshow N Items”;
How to Make Slideshows with Finder on Mac?
  • After that, the image will open in full screen. If the user has selected several images at once, the slide show will automatically start.

In the slide show mode, you can control the process using the keyboard.

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For example, by clicking on the “Space” button, you can play it on pause. And the arrows to the right and left on the keyboard, you can turn on the next or previous picture. In order to see the photo in real size during the full-screen slide show, you need to click “Option”.

When playing a slideshow, you can use the buttons on the special panel at the bottom of the screen. Clicking the “Index Sheet” button will present all selected images as small thumbnails, and clicking “Share” will import the current image into the popular social medias. “Esc” closes the slideshow.


As you can see from the article, if you admire macOS, then there is no need for third-party applications to view photos in real time. The developers at Apple have already taken care of all the necessary tools for their users. In general, the Finder has a lot of little-known functions that can greatly facilitate life in the work on the Mac. Slideshow with Finder is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you would like to learn more tricks of using the Finder, write about it in the comments and I will be happy to tell you about them from the following articles.


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