What is the default browser? The answer is very simple, the browser that opens any web link that is situated anywhere in your PC. You can open hyperlinks in your Microsoft Word through your Default Browser directly. It helps a lot for easy work.  It doesn’t mean you can’t open that link in other browsers. You just need to copy that URL and paste it into another browser to open it.

Safari is the default browser for the Mac. It is speedy and works smoothly. It can save your passwords and keep them secure. It has been there since Apple launched their first Mac. Apple phones still have a safari in them that works a default browser.  But, many of the Mac users experience that safari doesn’t open the file like other browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Some of them have the extension issue. They say some extensions are not available to add in Safari. These two are well advanced and most used browsers in the world right now. They have better performance than that of Safari.

How to Set Another Browser as Default in your Mac OS X Yosemite or Later?

Apple has changed its methodology to set a new default browser in Mac OS X Yosemite. Now, everyone need s to follow that to change a default browser in Mac. People keep on trying and finding a way to do the job. Most of them use safari to have this job done. There are a few simple points you need to have in your mind for making another browser as your default.

How Can we Set a Default Browser for Mac?
  • Open Apple Menu > System Preferences;
  • Open General tab;
  • After opening the general tab, there is an option at the middle of the page, “Default Web Browser”;
  • Select that option and choose one default option of your choice. It is easy!

How to Change Default Browser in Mavericks or Earlier Mac Systems?

There is a little different process for Mavericks and earlier systems. Let’s have a look at it.

  • You need to launch Safari first;
  • Open safari Menu > Choose Preferences;
  • Open General tab;
  • You can change your default browser there by clicking the menu to the right of Default web browser;
  • Now close Preferences and shut down Safari. The job is done!

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Some Other ways to Change your Default Browser in Mac

There are a lot of browsers available right now for you like Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Vivaldi etc. Each one of these wants to be your default browser to make their audience big. Whenever you open your browser other than that of safari in your Mac, a pop-up window shows up, asking you to make that opened browser as your default browser. If you don’t make it default then, don’t worry you can do it later as well. Let us have a look.

For Chrome

  • First, download chrome and install;
  • Launch your Chrome Browser;
  • Click on the menu and open Preferences there;
  • The page shows default browser somewhere;
  • Make Chrome as your default browser there.

For Opera

Opera browser is a little difficult to use. It was first introduced for Android phone and later they keep advancing. You can make use of it too. The process to do this job is the same as that of chrome.

  • Download it from somewhere. I would suggest downloading it from the official website;
  • Install and launch it;
  • Open Menu and then Preferences;
  • Make sure there is basic mode opened for opera in the left-hand side of the opened page;
  • Tap Opera as your default browser and have fun!

For Firefox

How Can we Set a Default Browser for Mac?
  • Launch it and open the menu;
  • Click Preferences;
  • You need to make sure that the basic mode is on for Firefox. It shows blue in that mode;
  • The top of the page shows General and right underneath it there is a window available asking to make Firefox as your default browser;
  • Click to get things done.

These are few browsers that can help you in a better way than Safari if it doesn’t work well. Mac OS X devices are highly sensitive and well-designed devices. These devices need an awesome browser for them to operate things fast and secure. These browsers can help for sure.

These were few of the methods of changing your default browser in Mac OS X. You need to update these browsers to have a better performance. Clear Junk on time in your Mac. If you are using many tabs at a time, then there is a possibility that your browser gets slower than usual. So, don’t do that. Clear history searches as this can help your browser to run smoothly. The methods given above are simple and easy for everyone. You don’t need to worry much about them. Just follow the instructions and consider your work done in quick time.

It’s the best time to ask questions and give us your feedback in comments.


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