Mac being famous for its nice camera is why most people turn towards Apple. The face looks bright without any scars or marks. Basically, it makes you look beautiful. The calls made using the FaceTime camera are free and looked upon by people to make urgent calls or even friendly calls. 

However, sometimes, this might not be as smooth as it seems. At times when you try to open the Mac FaceTime Camera, the screen turns black and a message pops up saying “There is no connected camera” along with a camera icon with a slanted line above it. This might be stressful, especially when you are in need of making an urgent call to someone. Nevertheless, there are solutions to every problem. Let us look at some of the best solutions to when Mac camera not working. Fix “There is no connected camera” error by following the instructions below. 

Simple Ways to Fix “There is no connected camera” Error

Reboot the Mac

Rebooting the Mac requires some time and patience. Simply reboot your Mac and this will most probably fix your “There is no connected camera error”. Though, this might not be the option for you if you are in a hurry. This process is slow and it requires some time and endurance. 

Force Quit

In case you need the Face Time Camera to start working in less time. This will be the right technique for you. This requires following the steps accurately in order to make it work and solve the issue. The method is a bit complex but it surely solves the problem. 

The error is usually caused with the VDCAssitant doesn’t close the opened apps previously using the FaceTime Camera and this results in the camera being used by the other apps and blocking the Face Time camera app. The following process closes the already opened apps and fresh starts the camera.

First of all, you need to quit all the opened apps that were previously using the Facetime camera. Next open Terminal which is found in the applications/utilities directory in the OS X. For the next time you need to be very careful when typing the command strings. The command is “sudo killall VDCAssitant” and then hit return. Then at the terminal enter another command “sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant”. 

In another situation, if you want to enter the two commands in the single line you can enter the command as: 

sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant && sudo killall VSCAssistant

So now you know how to fix the “there is no connected camera” error with a Mac FaceTime camera. In case you want to play with the camera or intentially make it display the message “There is no connected camera”, you can disable the built in hardware camera on Macs which is done by moving the system component file of the camera to another locations which is different than the previous one. This makes camera not being found. 

Anyways, this was just a little trick as an extra knowledge. We wish you a very good luck in fixing your FaceTime Camera. Let us know in the comments below which method of the two above worked for you. 

Good luck fixing! 


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