Have you ever wondered what iTunesHelper is in your startup list items? So I became interested. Having found some information on the “maintenance and care”, I decided to share with the rest.

So, iTunesHelper is a program that tracks connections to your iPhone or iPad. If it is detected, the program launches iTunes.

iTunesHelper runs in the background, so we, most often, do not notice it. You can not say about the system. I myself have not seen such people live, but there were complaints on the network, allegedly iTunesHelper led to system braking or something like that. Is it really, or the reason in the wrong hands – I can not judge. If System Monitoring shows CPU utilization due to this program, everything can be.

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What can you do with it, and what can not? In fact, nothing irreparable, you can not mess things up, well, except that delete the program at all. I will find a way, for my readers!

In the Account settings in the “Login Options” section, you will see programs that automatically start at system startup.

Totaly, if you do not have portable devices to connect, you can remove iTunesHelper startup function without a doubt:

  • Open “Settings” -> “Users & Groups”;
How to Disable iTunesHelper in macOS?
  • Click on “Login Items” section;
How to Disable iTunesHelper in macOS?
  • Choose “App” you want to remove from the list;
  • Then use the “-” icon to remove;
  • The system may request administrator access, simply enter the password or use the ‘Lock’ icon in the lower part of the window.
How to Disable iTunesHelper in macOS?

Note: It could be any application, not necessarily iTunesHelper, which interferes with the operation of your system.

Some users see the problem of automatically launching iTunes when the iPhone is connected just because of it. This is not entirely true.If you do not want iTunes to start on every iPad/iPhone connection – check the iTunes settings box.


In conclusion, I can say that for about 2 years iTunesHelper did not bother me. According to the principle – that I don’t know, I don’t touch it – he lived with me like that. But if you need to save precious system resources, you should disable it as soon as possible.

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