I often hear from my friends: “Oh, I can’t to unlock my iPhone with slide gesture, like it was in my iPhone 5! it’s horrible!”. In this article I will try to explain as clearly as possible, how to solve this problem and return the unlock gesture that was present in iOS devices before the appearance of TouchID.

How to Disable “Press Home to Unlock”

In iOS 10, the lock screen has changed, the camera has started up differently and widgets appeared on the locked screen. This is associated with a change in the way of unlocking. The first press of the Home button turns on the display, and the second one starts scanning the Touch ID fingerprint.

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While in the previous iOS 9, the transition to the main screen was done with the help of the swipe to the right, in the new iOS 10, you need to press the Home button, which some owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch did not like.

The fact is that in order to unlock your device with iOS 10, you first need to scan your fingerprint using the Touch ID scanner built into the Home button or enter a numeric password and then press the Home button again, that is, make an additional press . Fortunately, Apple has left the opportunity to return to a more familiar way of unlocking the device, and now we will tell you how to go to the main screen by simply putting your finger on the Home button.

  • Open the Settings app;
  • Go to “General”;
How to Disable “Press Home to Unlock” on iPhone or iPad?
  • Scroll to “Accessibility” menu;
How to Disable “Press Home to Unlock” on iPhone or iPad?
  • Click on the “Home Button”;
How to Disable “Press Home to Unlock” on iPhone or iPad?
  • There are two parameters here: the first adjusts the speed of response to pressing, and the second toggle switch toggles the ability to unlock the smartphone, just by putting your finger on the fingerprint sensor – this will save a few seconds and a lot of nerves;
  • Activate the “Open with finger” option.
How to Disable “Press Home to Unlock” on iPhone or iPad?


That’s all! Now you can go to the main screen of your device by pressing your finger on the Home button. The only drawback of this method is that you may not have time to read the received notifications and view the information in widgets that appeared in iOS 10 on the lock screen. However, if this happens, you can always see them in the Notification Center.

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